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They were still rappin for what seemed like 2 hours

Substances: Cannabis
By: Tara
E-mail: SkYhiGh7999@aol.com

well i was with these two guys and it was my second time smoking weed but i didnt get high the first time so i didnt think i would get high. but my friends lit up a blunt and we started smokin behind these apartment townhouses where i live and the one kid freestyles really good so the one kid started makin a beat and the other kid started rhymin and i was juss standin with the blunt and i kept on hittin it and i felt my eyes get like swollen and my mouth got real real dry and they were still rappin for what seemed like 2 hors and it was like i was reading a book or listening to a story and the whole time i was standin there movin back and forth and i didnt even know it. then i decided i wanted a cigarette so i was standin there trying to light it but i kept dropping it so the one kid stopped rappin and said "here lemme show you how to light a cigarette" so i was like okay. so he took the cigarette and put it in his mouth filter end first and i just exploded into laughter and no one knew what i was laughin at and i tried to tell him that he's lighting tha wrong end but i just kept laughing but he found out when he started smokin it. after that we started walkin and it was like 3 in the morning and i didnt even remember how much weed we smoked but i started to forget where i was at but then we went to this kids house and i sat down in his chair and i just felt my eyes closing then i just passed out. it was great.

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