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This little yellow man forms from the floor

Substances: Mushrooms
By: Crazy Joe
E-mail: joelittle@awesomenet.net

Well I was sitting in my room, while my parents were gone, my dad out of town and my mom at work, this was about 12 mid day, she didn't come home to close to 7pm. I was 17, I am 20 now. So i sit at the foot of my bed, alone, and with some dried substance, some guy called "the magic carpet" mushroom in my hand. So with the door closed and locked, no one home but me, I sat at the foot of my bed and began to chew.
I didn't know what to expect, it was my first time eating the stuff. I knew it caused you to see weird stuff, so I began to eat. And I eat it all. I later found out that I had 4 hits all at once. It was great!!!!

I began to see a whole lot of stuff very detailed, and sometimes close up. About 30 mins into it I look down at my feet and this little yellow man forms from the floor of my room. He stood only 3 inches tall, and looked like a playdoe smurf. He looks up at me and slowly waves at me. And of course I wave back. He then walks over to one of my shoes, gets in and drives it all over my room.
On the wall, on my tv, on everything. My shoe was defying gravity. I then focus on my room around me and the walls drop down like curtains and i was enclosed by water. There was an ocean all around me, it was insane!!!
So I lay down looking at my ceiling, trying not to focus on the endless amounts of ocean water around me. I then close my eyes for just 2 seconds, it seemed and when I opened them back up everyting was gone and my little yellow buddy was still standing at the foot of my bed looking up at me. So I rolled over closed my eyes and I remebering seeing the little man stand on top of my head and disappear into it. I then fell asleep and dreamt of him for the entire trip. Weird!!!

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