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Substances: Cannabis
By: Jordan
E-mail: tightfbplayer6@yahoo.com

I had wanted to try weed for a long time and one day my brother came home and he was like "You wanna get high?" So of course I said yeah so we went up into my neighbors treehouse that he built when he was little and it was like three stories tall. After about a gram was gone, and we still had another gram, my brother was taking a hit and it was pretty dark and we were already fucked up and he tried to hit the bong we made backwards. We laughed our asses off for like a half an hour and then the neighbors mom came out. She didn't care but we decided to go for a walk.

We were really wasted at this point and we heard voices and shit coming from peoples houses laghing at us and saying stuff like "They're really high!" At one point I walked up to this streetlamp that had a sign someone taped to it on it and i must have stared at it for like five minutes and then i was like "Holy shit Aaron, come here!! This sign says drugs for sale!!!" So he came and saw it and we tripped on that for a while and decided to go home.

When we got home I decided to lay down, then for no apparent reason I started laughing hysterically. Then my brother joined me and we laughed until our faces and stomachs really hurt. After that I was tripping on our ceiling which had glitter on it and I was seeing dragons and shit in it and it was really cool. Then I passed out. All in all I think I had a really good first time with weed and haven't stopped smoking since.

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