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Trick-or-treating as a condome

Substances: Cannabis
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The Experience:

This just happened on Halloween two friends of mine had pitched in each 50$ and we decided to buy two 8ths. After school we went over to one of their houses and chiefed. One of my friends was dancing on top of my other friends bed when asked what she was doing she replied "Dancing to the spanish music...can't you hear it?"there was no MUSIC!! but she always geeks like that so we ignored her like always whenever she is stonned.

Then I looked over to my right and saw a big pink bucket that's where one of my friends keeps her turttle...now this isn't any turttle this turttle is known as the stonner turttle. This turttle is the most trippy thing you have ever seen, it bites, it swims, and it walks right off tables and falls on it's back unable to get up!! and if you say the word "turttle" enough it sound trippy.

Next two other friends of mine came over and they also toked with us. My guy friend whips out his halloween costume for trick-or-treating (hey we had the munchies) and we were shocked to see he was going to wear this black rubber DRESS...I asked him if he was going trick-or-treating as a condom, he claims it was an insane asylum suit (YEA RIGHT!). We were all on the floor laughing...but when we got up everything was silent. No one laughed, sang, talked, yelled, there was nothing but silence, it was really scary.

Finally we walked across to get two more friends and toke with them...but on our way we walked into a road and noticed a car with it's healights in at the end on the road. It was driving towards us slow at first then fatser and it we didn't realize it though till the car was literally inches away from us, at which point we were screaming our asses of in terror.

Later that night when I went home with two of my friends, we had all our trick or treating candy on the table. One of my friends begins pulling candy bags out of her hoodie just casually, then she whips out her bag of weed!! This would have been okay but her dad, my dad, and my friends mom was standing right behind us. Everyone staring at the weed eyes wide. The friend (realizing her mistake) grabbed the weed quickly and shoved it in her pocket and walked into another room we followed. Our parents never said anything to us that night...but they knew what happened...come to think of it no one really said anything about it till the next day.

I went to school the next day still pretty buzzed. When another one of my friends (who wasn't there that night) approached me and said "Get run over by any cars last night?" it was him in the DAMN CAR!

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