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Trippin in the park 65 & Yellow

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- This is the shorten story of three friends who went to Central Park in NYC to trip, for fun, one saturday afternoon in November 2002' It is not advocating the use of drugs, if you never have done or tried drugs, chances are, you need not to. For those of us who have, you under stand where this story is coming from.-

For a very good friend I gave her shurms for her birthday, so her, her boyfriend and myself headed off to Central Park, NYC on a very warm fall day in November. Sitting on some rocks just above welman ice rink, we opened our baggies and ate half a bag each. ( Each bag was a .25) and just started walking, talking just being normal. Walking down the main corridor to the band shell, it was "dog" day in the park, cool, pet some dogs, giggle, and noticing the fall follage including a tree which had all yellow leavess someone had pointed out. Then we stopped at the fountain next to the water. Sat, finnished the other half of the bag. and this is when it really i noticed thigs where different. Although their where lots of people around, since it was November and in the sixties, we notices a man playing the flute, "My Grandma heeard your grand ma" songs from the eighties. Feeling gitty, walked around to the edge of the lake, where their was a wedding party taking pictures. sat on the grass, when it really started to hit. sat for about 20 mins or so, then back to the dog area, but this time we sat up under a tree with all bright yellow leaves. buy this time we just laid back, and watched our own show, the tree tops joined as one, dancing together, we where tripping pretty good, laughing, talking stupid, and now that light was disapearing we started to walk stopping at the roller area with music and people whirling in a cirlce, then, we spotted someone we knew, and sure enough he came over, luckily for myself, he know my freind, because as he came over, his head, and the leaves all kind of blended together. and it was like an " outsider" was talking to us, but we got through the chit-chat and kept walking, going towards the lawn, stopping at the bathroom, then it was just after dusk, standing along the fence, looking athe lights and the tops of buildings, we had to make a choice, we needed to find some stimulant, and there just off the park, I saw .......the lights, and said we must go towards the lights.

It was Tavern on the Green, we went to the patio, in the mist of blue and white lights on all the trees, we sat on a wall, and just watched the lights dance around us. This is when we where totally emursed, taken on a ride by the chemical we had enjested and was running amuck thoughout our bodies. Staring at one object was justabout impossible, and watching the 3ft fern infront of us dance. and uncontrolable laughter. My friend we will call her "Star" had to goto the bathroom, walked across the patio, to look into a glass wall with people paying $100 a plate, ... this is where we got "stuck" could not find a "door" so after three attemps, star walked to the main door, leaving myself and her boyfreind "the mexican:" we gave specific instructions, be back in 5 mins and take your phone- I was alittle concerned about star going into a black tie reasturant, but did not want to have to take her to the bathroom myself, i was in NO shape to enter the building. she returned and said the line was too long, and she did not want to freak out= so off we went walking south in the park, walking felt soooo good at this point, then we ended up having a meeting as to where we should take star to the bathroom, and have a plan as to =where to go after wards, we decided to to out of the park and go down to the plaza which is where the day had started.

So down Central park south we went, we got out of the park by using the Biography Sign as Guide. This walk seem to take forever, your sense of time is a oh lets say abit "off:" The plaza was extra sparkly, and the hall way with the bathrooms where out of a story book, all white, with gold and mirrors. Then we decide to get a beer, which sounded,..sooo.....good. There is an Irish bar just accross the street from FAO- walk up the stairs, get to the bar, it took us, five mins to have a descusion, on beer, but se sat and drank, and discussed the "high-lights" of the days trip. Also talking about the awareness the drug has on life, and inner intraspection. Being late twenties and early thirties, we dicussed the effects of other drugs such as E, Acid, and how we would have had fun just haning out in the park with out the drug, ( but could not even describe how good it was to be in the park on a warm day) Enviorment can make or break a "trip". We plan to do this again, well worth the nasty taste of the mushrooms,..... defintly- Hope you can join us next time-

Trippin- in the park-
Quote of the day- It's 65 and Yellow today-

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