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Trying to kill the leprechauns

Substances: Cannabis
By: Andrea
E-mail: sweetcherrie069@gotomy.com
Webpage: http://www.geocities.com/sunsensation_41/Fuckalicious.html

Ok, I went to my friend Roxy's house to smoke up for my first time. The first 5 hits didn't do anything, so we just keep smoking and not think anything of it right. well we ended up smoking like 5 bowls and I didn't think I was high or nothing, I didn't feel a thing. So I told her I was going to head home.
Well she didn't tell me she was going to follow me home to make sure I make it ok. So I'm heading home not thinking of anything and I thought it only took me like 15 minutes( the usual amount of time it takes me to walk home from her house)
Well the next day when I got to school I was still buzzing from the night before. Well I walked up to Roxy's locker and asked her what was up. He asked if I was ok? I said "yeah why, what's up"

She goes "Well last night I followed you home, and it took you like 2 hours because you were jumping up and down saying something about stupid Leprechauns and you were jumping up and down, I think trying to kill them. then you were jumping in the snow, I was about to help you up, but you got up after about 10 minutes and then u started screaming! Don't you remember?"
I didn't have a clue what to say. I just stood there and starred at her. I didn't remember a thing except that when I got home I went to bed right away. But the bad news about it all, one of the biggest tattle tales in the school over heard us, she went and told one of the teachers, who called my parents and I got busted by those damn piss test!
I wish she was a Leprechaun so I could jump on her smart ass!!!

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