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Two girls and one lucky Guy

Substances:Mushrooms, Cannabis and alcohol
By: jeffrey desotell
E-mail: hedontplay@aol.com

well i remember or i should say is from what i have been told about what happened last year the night of the super bowl i had this really big football party i had alot of girls there and a few of my best friends and some family so if something was to happen i would have a family member to say where i was or whatever. so the day starts pretty good i woke up around 10 and started to get shit ready for the party, well i had to get the weed and shrooms. well i got a shit load of weed since a friend of mine is a seller and i saved his life before and the shrooms i didnt have no problem with getting because i know alot of people who chew em up so i got them. my family members got the drinks(beer,gin,jack) but then i told them that it wouldnt be enough so i told them that they needed some more beer and they said "we've got like 5 24 packs" then i said "well we are gona have alot of people herre since im throwing the party of the year" and they said "ok" well i give them about 80$ dollars more so they go get some more drink well around 6 people started showing up mostly girls by then but by 6;30 sum of my friends started to show up by then i was on my third blunt.

i had these girls with me in my room they were toking up a store then this one girl her name is amy and this other girl named latasha they started to kiss real hard i mean they were slobbing all over each other then latasha gets down on her knees and pulls up amy's mini skirt and starts to eat like it was her last meal well they do this for about half of an hour but before i spewed my load in this girls mouth i dont remember her name but after all that happened i got sum shrooms and me and amy and latasha started to chew em up but that other girl got up and went somewhere then after we chewed them shrooms up me and the two girls started to drink real hard i had like 2 5th's of jack and about 14 beers(see im a big guy and i was born into drinking so i can hold my drink down) amy had a 5th of gin and about 5 beers(shes a light drinker) latasha had a 5th of gin and a 5th of jack and ah couple beers well we started to walk outside with me with my arms on each girl well we are walking around with our drinks and we come up on this barn.

the person who owns the barn is this girl i knwo that lives like 10 miles down the road from where i live she told me if i give her a bag of killer then i could use her barn and house if i clean up and she would stay at my house well back to the story theres me,amy, and latasha were walking drinking talking and feeling then we got to the barn there was some hay in there that was in a big pile so i got down and the two girls followed me and i said i have sum buds on me if you wanna smoke again so i packed a big bowl and then like 15 mins into that smoke session the girls were feeling each other up then they turned to me i had a big lump in my pants and latasha went down on me well me and amy started to make out then i feel what latasha is doing she had unzipped my pants and started to lick on me then she took my head into her mouth and it was feeling real real good i was feeling my nut coming but then she stops and slides her panties down and gets up on top of me and starts to ride me then amy says li girl let me get in on that well amy is lickin my balls when i cummed then latasha got off of me then amy started to lick me back to life and she got on top of me while latasha started to ride my face to O-ville well the next thing i knew is that im waking up with the two hottest girls i know that go to school wit me

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