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Watching curling when you're high

Substances: Cannabis
E-mail: suga_d@esenet.dk

I remember(I really do) the funniest day in my life. A friend and I were sitting at my place doing the summer holiday and had nothing to do.
So we took out my stash and started to make a bud. During this my friend were just zapping between channels and found a curling game(That game where they throw rocks and sweep in front of them). He said that this would most certainly be funny once we got high.

Right he was once the bud was lite the laughing started. Just the sight of the obese women throwing rock and saying funny words were just too much. Even when the game was done we were still laughing.
After a sore face and a stomach in cramps I suggested we tried to play curling. We went outside and found some rock(not even close to looking like the rocks they use in curling but anyways) and started throwing them around.

It may not sound funny but the next time your high and curling is on WATCH IT!
Keep smoking!

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