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Watching little green men dance

Substances: Mushrooms
By: GoaT

One of my first times on shrooms was at my friends house. His parents were away for the weekend and the house was ours. It was about 5pm on Friday and after some burgers we all ate some shrooms. The experience was amazing, I though I saw things like chairs moving in my peripheral vision. My friend who's house we were at was still sitting at the table where we had divide up the shrooms evenly between us. We asked him what he was doing and he said he was watching little green men dance. We all laughed and left him. Eventually around 11 we hit the sack. The next morning we woke up and my friend was still sitting there. We was still totally triping after 12 hours. He hadn't moved the entire night. The men were still dancing for him. Finally a few hours later we found him asleep at the table. We asked him the next day what he remembered and all he said was "Those guys were the best dancers I've ever seen!!


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