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Watching the little green mountain climber

Substances: Mushrooms, Cannabis
By: Chris

One Crazy night at a party, with tons of underage drunk kids and some stoned kids, me and my friend Nick both decided to up the party for us so we walked to my car already messed up and got about a half eighth of shrooms out of my glove compartment, were I usally put my stash for transportation, and decided to eat them in the car, and have a smoke. Back at the party 40 minnutes later every body had to leave the house because of the next door neighbor who crashed the party and told us to leave or he was going to call the police. I still hadent felt the affects of the shrooms yet, but I sure as hell didn't want to drive home trippin. So I tried to stay in the house and the asshole came up to me and started to talk to me right when I started noticing that the Shrooms finnally kicked in. I got confused and didn't know what he was talking to me about, and thought he was trying to flirt with me, so I got nervious and punched him in the face and ran out of the house and around the block. After I was sure he wasn't chasing me anymore I realized I was in someones backyard. I then saw a huge puddle and got the urge to splash in it, I took a mighty stomp and fell in a three foot hole. I sat there in the hole a little bit thinking about shit, like the puddle turning into a hole, and for a secound thought I might be under water but I realized I was still breathing. I then saw a little green man who looked like a little 2 inch mountain climmer and it looked like he was trying to clime the sides of the hole. After watching the little green mountain climber I got exausted from all of beer, bud, shrooms, and running i had done and just passed out in the hole not really carring that i was still in a hole. The next mourning I discovered the hole I was in was just a sand box! And It seemed like a hole because the little must have tried to dig to the bottom of the sandbox. I got my self together and walked back to the house of the party and then got in my car and went back to my friends house and called my parents to tell them I slept over at Nicks house. What A Night!

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