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Watchin this spanish movie

Substances: Cannabis
By: Jesse
E-mail: XRridernumber1@aol.com

Well i had been smokin 4 about a month and me and bout 5 of my friends were smokin up out side, then after we were done blazin we came in 2 watch a movie so we grabbed some food cuz of coarse we had the famous munchies, and we were watchin a movie i dont remember what it was, it was a familar to us, we were watchin it on HBO and it was on the spanish channel and i cant speak any spanish worth shit and we acctually knew every word they were sayin n the movie then the rest of the Boyz came n, and my cuzin Austin goes why the hell r u guys watchin this movie n spanish so me n Jeremy said its not n Spanish, and Austin says yes it is u dumb shits, so me and Jeremy go up 12 the speakers n put our ears up 2 it n then we heard the spanish, That was so funny SHIT!!!

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