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We all formed into astronauts

Substances: Cannabis
By: Mark Hughes
E-mail: Justcallmeswipe@yahoo.com

Well it all started one day when I went over to my brothers house. I didnt expect to get high '' by the way this is like my 1-2 time'' and so anyways. I went over there and we were watching pulp fiction. My brother said, ''here u go mark'' and he passed me the bong. I took a hit and there was so much smoke it filled my lungs and some was in my cheaks. I took about 4-5 hits like that and i nearly pucked. Then I was sitting on the couch and i was high ass hell. Then i look at my brother to the right of the couch and he is saying MARK MARK ARE YOU OK, btw he is 23, and i saw him blure. Then I looked at the tv and everything turned white for like 5-10 seconds. Then blue roses started to go around the tv then they surrounded the room. Then there was a table by me so i was by the table and my brother floated up, It felt like we were in the midevil days with king arthur. We were talking about the round table, Just then we all formed into astronauts and started to float around the room!!! Then the room turned white again, and I looked over at my brother and he was looking me with a scared face and i said, ''yah im cool'' That is a high i will not forget.

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