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We decided to do shotguns

Substances: Cannabis


I was at my friends house and we normally smoke together, but this night 6 people were with us and the person who had the pot said that they had half a blunt and some jonits well we were doing these and we decided to do shotguns and my friend is bigger than me by about 50 pounds and when he gave me the smoke(we were using a paper towel roll's cardboard and i inhaled every last bit of smoke then they picked me up and shook me to increase the effect and i almost passed out. but I didn't know when to quit and me this was probably my 6 month of smoking anyways someone had some k(special K) and we all took turns snorting some and when it came to me i passed out, but when I woke up I was in the backseat of my friends car later i found out that the pot was laced so the lesson in this is check your pot


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