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We found every little thing funny

Substances: Cannabis
By: Punk
E-mail: popoNkubz@hotmail.com

me and my freind had just braught a draw and were in college. we only had time for a couple of joints before lessons and we were not to fermiliar with cannabis at the time. wen i was in class i said to roxhanna " its not doing any thing to me" she said she felt the same. after a little while i felt this sudden urge to laugh and in minutes after saying this i was in stitches but i didnt know what i was laughing at. my freind was soon the same way as me and we found every little thing funny. after college we decided to clean off what we had braught an we also got a bottle of hennasy to go with it. the next day i woke up in the isle of whight ( we live in london )and it turns out me and my friend being so out of it had got this crazy idea to get on a ferry and we woke up under a beach hut shelter on a bay. we had no money to back home so i had to call my mum....what happened next wasnt to amusing but i think you can guess!


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