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We must be on the moon or something

Substances: Mushrooms
By: Macaire
E-mail: doit@punchmyvagina.com

I was about 17 or 18 and i had never shroomed before, but i was really excited to try them. one day, my friend scored something like 2 ounces of shrooms out of the clear blue sky, and they were sold off in hours (of course, 1/8 went to me!). i held onto it for a few days, waiting for a good time to take them, and that weekend, opportunity knocked. my friend's parents were both out of town, so we all decided to just spend the weekend at his house. friday was the big day . . . i have no idea if we went to school or not, but you know what? no sober day of classes is gonna stick in my mind more than getting hiiiiiiiiiiigh.

Anyway . . .two of my friends and i hopped in my car and rolled. i think i was the only one shrooming, so i took the whole eighth and we smoked a few bowls. we decided to go to this cool store called untitled 'cause i wanted to put a dent in my bank account. while we were driving there, we accidentally passed an elementary school that was just getting out. at the moment we realized where we were, my friend in the passenger seat was just sparking up a new bowl. at a lot of school in chicago, the cops hang out at schools before classes start and after they get out, so we kinda freaked out.
aaaaaaaaanyway . . . we got to the store and i was starting to kinda get woozy. everything i saw, i wanted to to buy, and my friend just kept takng the stuff out of my hand, saying, "you won't like this tomorrow." i did win out, though, on a pair on jeans wih purple fuzz sewn on the sides.

When we leave the store, it all just hits me hardcore, so i handed the keys over to my friend and layed down in the back seat. as we were driving, i was trying to figure out where we were going without looking out the window, and after a few minutes, i figured we must be on the moon or something. i start staring at the back of the passenger seat and it starts to melt into this grid of faces. they were all the same face, and when i tell you what face, you're gonna laugh at me, but i supose that's the point of me writing this. i'm sure you've seen eminem's first video. there's a part where he's dressed as marilyn manson - that's the face i saw. i mostly just stared in wonder until we got to someone's house. we went in his bedroom and i just lounged my ass out on his bed. i was looking at him and he looked so angelic - i wanted to get on him so bad, but i was way too fucked up to seduce.

I sat for a few minutes trying to be a part of the conversation, but then i totally spaced out. the faces came back and grew until my head was enclosed in a globe of this grid. each time i stare at one of the faces, it explodes into a whole new grid and reveals a new secret of the universe to me. i was absolutely astounded by what i found out. i was trying to explain it to my friends, but all i could get out was, "it's just like - " and then burst out laughing over and over.
people came and went and probably laughed their asses off at me, but i was way too busy to notice. the friend who sold it to me (jeff) came by and he was tripping balls, too. eventually we had to leave that guy's house and go to where we were staying. it was only around the block, but i like having my car nearby, so i wanted to drive. i was coming down, anyway, so i ignored my friends' warnings about jail time and he two of us who were shrooming went to my car.

When we walked out the front door, everything was so alive. the day was bright, the air felt clean and warm, and all the plants and trees looked brand new. then we saw my car. it was parked perfectly evenly with the end of he front walk and it was shining like it was brand new. we were both like, "do you see that, too?" so we drove over there with no great difficulty and plopped down in his bedroom to pull some tubes. Over the course of the night, jeff and i ate the rest of the bag, probably another eighth each, but didn't trip any more. coming down was one of the worst bouts of depression of my life, but it was more than worth it for the experience.

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