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Were in Vietnam

Substances: Cannabis
By: Dan Nelson
E-mail: mistercounterfeit@hotmail.com

Ok, one day my friend and I (lets call him Ed). Ed and I went to our train trax spot to smoke up. So when we got to the trax, he pulled out this FAT joint about the roundness of a Camel Wide and the length of a Marlboro 100. So we started to smke up, and have you know it, we were stoned of our ass. Ed was like tripping out saying shit like, "I'm a zombie" and holding his hands out like a zombie would. Well we walked down to the Holiday gas station, and we got a bag of Donuts. As i was done paying for it, I STILL sat at the counter for like 5 more minutes, then the ladyes like, "Thats it!" i was like OK, and walked out like nothing happened. Well Ed and I went to the middle of this field and ate the donuts. Now, heres the good part. We went back into the woods to act retarded. As we got in the woods Ed was like, "Hey, Dan, settle, quiet down. Were in Veitnam." I was like holy shit. So I took out my pop and pretended it was a gun and began shooting, and I ducked in the bushes shooting nothing but pretending there was something there. the to settle the night down, we went to these two rocks and sat there. Then Ed was like waving his arms up and down, saying, "Look Dan, I'm on a roller coaster!" So I was like me too, and started to do the same thing. BUT, right when we were getting to the high part of the "imaginary" coaster, a white car with BRIGHT lights was looking strait at us. We were like shit it's the cops, and then we realized that there were no Top lights. So we walked around and I went home. thats the end, hope you liked it.

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