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We smoked a big fat bong, and then they had sex

Substances: Cannabis, peanuty Joint
By: Michael
E-mail: chump@quackquack.com

I have read on several different sites (including this one) that you can smoke peanut skins to get high. being the poor colege student that i am, this seemed like a fantastic idea: effects of weed without the price. unfortunately you have to smoke about a pounds worth of peanuts' skins to get enough. what in the world was a going to do with all those peanuts? then i came up with my idea. one night smoked a big bowl, waited until i got massively hungry, then proceeded to shell and skin peanuts, then eat them. finally i had enough, i ground them up with a little grass and a tiny bit of rolling tobaco to give it a little kick, then rolled them into the most enormous fatty ever concieved. just as i was about to smoke this behamoth, my good friend "christina" called and asked if i wanted to go for a drive. im sure you all know what that means, so of course i said yes. i packed up my "supplies" (bowl, weed, and this peanuty joint) and ran out my door, just as she pulled up in front of the apartment. we drove a short distance to a secluded location and sparked a bowl of some excelent weed that she had, then smoked some of mine. i then showed her my mad joint, but she wasnt interested, she was already too high, so in my already inebriated state i smoked the fatty. if youve never tried it, i will tell you, there is definately a kick to that shit! for about 5 minutes i felt sick with confusion, then for about 4 HOURS i felt higher than i have ever felt.

She told me to get the RENT tape from out of the glove box (its a musical, we're both really into them), except that i didnt notice her say it, i was too busy looking at the pile of leaves in front of the car. we were parked next to a golf course, and the leaves had been raked into a huge pile. it mustve been 10 feet high. i have no idea why i didnt notice it before, but a i was thinking about then was how much i used to like jumping in leaves. i quickly ran out and got on top of the car, from where i jumped into the leaves. i reapeted this many times, and when i got back into the car christina had been laughing so hard that she shat herself, right in her pants. which i still chuckle about to this day. she went back to my house to change, and when she got back she told me to put the rent tape in (remember here that im still stoned out of my mind). i did, but she said that it wasnt the right one. what? so i put in the other tape that said RENT on it. it was tom jones music. she said, "why dont you put in the fucking RENT tape"? then i looked down and reallized that they ALL said RENT on them. "each tape has RENT written on it" i said. "no they dont" "yes they do, look". she couldnt see it. i dont know if it was the weed or the skins that did that to me, but it was fucking wierd. everywhere i looked, it seemed like i was in a different town. finally, and after much confusion, we ended up going to ihop (international house of pankakes) to get some breakfast food. across the resturant there was a short boyish looking girl who appeared to be a manager, giving orders from a table. we ordered our food, and while we were waiting we decided to smoke a cigarette, unfortunately we had no lighter. i noticed a pack of Newports on the manager's table so i called across and asked if we could borrow her fire.

She came over, and was very friendly. she offered to serve us and she got the food in less than 5 minutes, when it normally would have taken 20. while she was gone, christina leaned over and whispered that she had seen that same girl in "the park" (a gay bar, christina is gay by the way) 2 weeks ago. she came back and served us, then sat back at her table. later on, after we had finished eating, we overheard her talkng about smoking pot. so we asked for her lighter again, and when she came over, we asked if she wanted to go smoke with us again (not cigarettes dumbass). she had to stay in the resturant so she couldnt, but she gave christina her phone number. later that night christina called me, and told me to come over, and bring the video camera. when i got there, the manager girl (who's name was chrisy) was there. you know what we did? thats right we smoked a big fat bong, and then they had sex while i taped it. it was the sexiest thing that i have ever seen. and one of the most amazing nights ever. thank you, god for creating this amazing plant. peace.


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