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We smoked before we went into school

Substances: Cannabis
By: Millie
E-mail: purplehaze0089@netscape.com

Well me and my friend Steph are true pothead. One day we decied to cutt school and smoke actually we decided to cutt school and smoke everyday lol
Well anyway we smoke before we went into school
it must have been about 4 people and 4 blunts and 1 big fatt joint. Anyway we smoke and with each pull i took it felt like i was flying higher and higher. Then we went into school for attendance and i went into class and everyone was looking at me. Then the teacher looked at me and i got up and ran out tha classroom screaming. then i bumped into the principle and he looked at me and sed " NiCe Eyes". My eyes were soooo bloody they were beautiful. I looked at him laughed and ran out tha building laughing and screaming. Then i smoked so much nore . I lOve MaRiJuAna!!!!

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