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We weren't on a path at all

Substances: Cannabis

I went on this rock climbing trip in the Ozarks with my pal Dover. It was august, and although it was hot as hell, the scenery there was amazing!!!
Every night, Dov and I would go out to this huge kick-ass granite bluff that overlooked all the mountains.You could look down over the edge to see the forest floor about 75ft. below. I had smoked for a couple years, but was just now getting used to rolling joints. We smoked 2 w/ some really killer green inside and just sat back on the rock and watched the stars twinkle like crazy.

After a while, we decided to go back to camp, and proceeded to take off on the "right" path. It was fucking pitch black and all we had were headlamps, which sucked ass! It seemed like we'd walked nearly a mile and still no camp, feeling completely lost, we turned back around and worked our way back to the bluff. It was then that we realized we weren't on a path at all, we'd made our own up.
Then I looked to my left, 75ft. down, and realized we'd been walking along the edge of the fucking cliff the entire time!!! I could've shit myself right there.

Once we finally made it back to camp i just remember playing guitar and thinking of how the 1 in 125,000 odds of winning the grand prize on the back of my cheetos bag were better than most of the other back-of-the-bag chip company contests i'd seen lately.Still didnt fucking win though.

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