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What are you doing in here

Substances: Cannabis
By: Amanda

One night..My friends Nicole Heather Jessica Jennifer Pamela and me were all so high...We were in my room, upstairs..the whole upstairs is my room... We all desided to light up some more..We all were smokin our own j's u know..it was smoky as fuck..no windows open or anything. Well i am just really dun blown. I dont even think i hardly knew what was going on..So..Anyways...Im really high, and thought Iheard someone say my name while trying to get my door open..And I was thinking it was my little sister..My door doesnt have a lock, but its real hard to open, theres a certian way you have to do it. So I hear my name...ANd I really thought it was my little sister...And I keep saying "what?!?!" what?????"

I wasnt understanding after she was sayin my name..So every1 is jus laughin..So All of a sudden, I yell out SPEAK STRAIGHT I CANT UNDERSTAND YOU!!!! SPEAK UP, "ANSWER YOURSELF BIIIIITTTCHHHHHH" which , i know that made no sence..But that's what I said...and then all of a sudden..I HEAR "AMANDA!!!!!!!!! WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?OPEN THIS DAMN DOOR NOW!!!!" IT WAS MY MOM!!!!!!!!I understood then.. I was paranoid as fuck..eevery1 started running around tryin to put their joints out n shyt..while i start lighing up insece...she keep syellin tryin to open the door.. so i was like.. hold on im trying to get it open its broken...stalling as much as posible whith the windows open now, and insence going..ikep her waiting forever while she was yelling...Shes real pissed you know...Finally, the moment i dredded...i finally opened the door..An she comes in...and says... "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE" EVERYone at the same exact time yelled "INCENCE!"

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