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Where are we going?

Substances: Cannabis

Me and my friend Dan live in this trailor park and this was about the 3rd time ide smoked with him and his older brother jason.

We left his trailor at 11:00 pm to smoke it up in jasons camero right in front of their trailor. Jasons in driver seat, dan in passenger, im in back.
We are passing a bowl back and forth, and after the 4th-5th bowl im sitting in back holding it on my turn for about 5 mins. Dan says, " Yo u done hittin that yet!!"
So i say, "yaa.. umm.. where are we going?"

Dan and Jason started laughing there ass's off... I saw their parents dodge intrepid sitting next to us and i thought it was driving next to us. I thought we were moving the whole time.

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