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Substances: Cannabis
By: Flee

Ok, so im all set to go outside and toke in my garage. I fill up my bong in my room (like a dumb ass) and get my few bowls i had left and everything i needed. Im walking down my hall way, then into the kitchen, and then right as i turn on my flashlight my mom opens her door and says what are you doing? (shes on the other side, im in the kitchen and shes in the living room, we have 1 of those window things so you can see threw the kitchen) Im like nothing and right as she walks past my old fridge i place the bong down. She studies me and then she asks something like why are you so nervis? Im still trying to hide my bong with my legs and body and i say that im just tired and got a cookie for a midnight snack. She says ok, but shut the back door cuz its cold in the house.(backdoor=garage, backdoor makes a loud ass noise... thats why i leave it open) So she turns around fora split second and i grab my bong and walk near the back door. I place my bong down near the end of the couch and i shut and lock the back door. She goes to sleep and i open the back door w/o any problems. Then i toke in the garage w/ my bong and start to head in. I make it in successfully and im all happy.

I walk in my room and i made a rule to myself, when im done toking put anything that can be used agents you away. So i reach in my pocket and im like... oooooooooooo shit... I had left my pouch w/ my pipe,bud,(2)bics, and a grit. Damn im trippin out really bad now... i think i lost 50% of my high right there... ok so im busting a mish to go back in the garage. I left the back door open and i just walk in the garage get my stash and close up the shit and leave. Im about to enter my house when i hear my DAD scream out WHERE THE F*CK IS *flee?* (not my real name) so im like omfg... and im scared as can be. its 6 in the morning and its daytime. so i decide that rather then get cought i just walk to the park and walk around it for an hour... All the smells off and when i get in the house my parents are like where have you been. I told them that i was at the park running around so i could get fit (roflmao) and they beleaved me!

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