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White crystallized substance over the buds

Substances: Cannabis
By: Kooksta

First I should tell you about my recreational habit and myself. I am 21 years old from Australia and I have been smoking since I was 14. Up until the age of 18 I smoked at least 3 times a week. After my 18th I started to smoke everyday (since I moved out). And now I smoke everyday at about 3-4 times a day, depending on how busy my friends are. So you would think that I could handle my smoke, even more so because of the fact that I score from the same dealer now as I did 7 years ago (amazing she hasn`t been busted yet!!).

Okay, so I know that my smoke is laced with fly-spray and other chemicals I accept that, simply because her smoke is good. But about 5 months ago I scored an ounce to last me the weekend, when I took it home to chop (and inevitably smoke!), I noticed that the stash was wet. I was certain that I didn`t wet it because the bag was dry on the outside. But I didn`t care I just heated up the oven and put it in there at a low heat to dry it up. After an hour or so (I think) I pulled it out of the oven and proceeded to chop up. When I had a closer look at the weed, I saw that it had this white crystallized substance over the buds. So whatever made the weed wet, dried up and went white after being in the oven for a while.

I was a bit iffy about the weed now, so I called up my dealer and asked her if she knew what this wet shit was. She didn`t know and she wasn`t too keen on replacing this ounce I had. So I said fuck it what doesn`t kill me will only make me stronger, or higher in this case. It was 10am, I was ready to smoke, and so I called my friends over from the next apartment(s) and told them to bring me some breakfast/lunch before they came over. They did.

We sat down in front of my television; the weed now chopped was ready to be smoked. I finished up my delivered breakfast and then started to pack up the cones (for those of you in America, we smoke bongs here not joints or pipes , bongs don`t waste any smoke). Since it was my house, my weed, my bong, and my packing - it was only right for me to have first cone. I did. The first hit of the day is always the most obvious, since you`re not stoned at all before it. However I didn`t feel anything. After the round came back to me (after 4 friends) I punched another cone and nothing. I kept packing the rounds until my friends couldn`t smoke any longer but I wasn`t high yet. I think I must have had like 10 consecutive cones (that is 1.5 grams of weed plus half a cigarette for spinner) within 20 minutes yet I wasn`t stoned. I looked at my friends and they were chilling, they were high ,but I wasn`t!

I ended up selling the ounce (or almost an ounce) to some local high school kids that lived in my building . I lost $200 Australian, since teenagers cant really afford an ounce at retail value. After a few weeks I asked them if they liked it, they loved it!

To this day I haven`t worked out what was in that weed and why I didn`t get stoned. Over the months many theories have developed within my circle of friends about this ,but none are definitive.

Do you know what was in it?

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