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Who could out smoke the other

Substances: Cannabis
By: Devin Millican
E-mail: cheeto7777777@yahoo.com

Ok, let's see. Me and 3 of my friends, Nick, Tyler, and Michael were smokin some Maui Waui out in my backyard a couple weeks ago out of a double-bong. See, it was a milk carton attached to a 2 liter coke bottle filled almost half way up. We were seeing who could out smoke the other and we had about an ounce.
After 45 minutes of the 2 hit pass sequence, we had finished the whole damn bag. Shortly after, we left to go camping at Wolf Creek Park. Once we got there we were extremely happy, yet, we were kinda bummed because we didnt have any weed. After we walked around for about an hour, we came upon a guy that looked like he was just smokin a cigarette. All until we smelled the sweet smell of some good weed. So we walked back to camp and sat and watched the fire for about an hour talking about God knows what, until Michael decides hes gonna go over to the guy and ask him to give us some.

So Michael walks down there and you see the 2 of them just talkin like they'd known each other for their entire lives. Soon after, Michael waves us over there. Still pretty stoned, I tripped over a stump. Once i got back up and recaptured myself, we approached the man. The man gets up without sayin a word and goes into his camper. After about a minute, he comes back out with a 20-sack. He said hed only lets us have it if we smoked half of it with him. So we went into his camper and he pulled out 4 pipes exactly the same. We fill them, and start to smoke. And let me tell you that was some GOOD shit.
After about an hour of smoking, I was pretty damn hi so I quit, thinking the guy was going to also. But somehow, he was able to smoke 3 more bowls by himself. Now that was the very first time anyone had ever outsmoked me, and I was higher than I had ever been in my life because we were stoned befo we smoked for the second time. After we bid that guy a farewell, we went back to camp and stared at the fire while listening to Lynard Skynard, Bob Marley, and Tom Petty.
And THAT was the true meaning of chillin like a villin. The next morning I woke up and I was still stoned and the only thing I could say was "Holy Gwackamolee". We laughed for about 10 minutes and I cant remember the rest of the trip. But let me tell you one thing, if you're gonna get stoned, go to a campsite, look at a fire, and listen to good music. Until next time, Devin.

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