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Why is there dirt in my mouth

Substances: Cannabis
By: Wick

One time, me and my friends were out in my 15 acre woods, getting high in a tent. there were four of us, me stoney and the twins. we got bored and desided to go walking, so we leave one of the twins behind to watch the fire and keep people away while we were walking, somewhere down the road i think we lost the other twin and it was just me and stoney, then he said, i wonder what dirt tastes like(we were on a dirt road) and i say, find out, and beleive it or not, he reaches down a gets a handful of dirt and puts it in his mouth then spits it out, and i was trippin so bad, then on the way back, we were almost there, a car started comming down the road, and we totally freaked, and we jumpoed in a ditch, thinking they wouldnt see us but its kinda obvious when u see 3 kids laying in a pile of sticks.

After that we are back at the tent and we deside to go racing, and we get up and just start hauling ass, but stoney hit a pile of leaves and one of his legs slipped and the other kept going and he busted his ass, and we were all laughing our asses off, then we desided to walk up the hill, which is imposible to notice from the road, but we were up there and we saw a car coming, and like they could see us, we got freaked out and ran back to the tent, then we noticed, when we walked up the hill it was really quiz, but when we were runnign back, it took forever, ti was weird. then, after awhile we were sitting in the tent, and stoney said, why is there dirt in my mouth, and i told him and we all busted afew stiched laughing, it was funny. i dont remember anything else that night
well anyways later
wick had smoked like

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