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Exstacy and Strippers.....(part 11)

We had begun or trip..It was dark out as we took the long way to sandusky...We packed a bowl and smoke it, then we decide to do some blow. We used a folder we had in the back. The guy's pulled the Bob Marly looking Case out and opened it and pulled out about an eight ball of coke. They cut out some lines and began passing it around. I felt so high from the E that I was like...."Someone please fucking rum somthing on me!!!" as I writhed around in the seat. Avron passed the joint he was rolling to the back and grabbed my ankles and pulled my feet into his groin area (We were at a stop light....he began rubbing very intensly ......it felt sooo good....I closed my eyes and let out a sigh....."Ohhhh fuck....that feels awsoooommmeeee..." Avron continued rubbing my feet as we drove down the dark street. The joint had been rolled and it had gotten passed up to us again. I hit it...It tasted so green and....and....Coke!

They had laced it w/ coke....I passed the doobie and went back into my little tance mode.. I opened my eyes as we stopped at another light where it said "Ceader point Left" I stared hard at the sign as it morphed slowly in front of me . I blinked to clear the film off of my eye's that wan't there....The acid was still in effect...."So avron" Arley spoke up "Where did you find these lady's any way?" Avron turned o reply, "You remember jack Alkson? He knew Amber and told me to keep an eye on her while he left the cop thing..." "You still fuck with him dude?" Arley asked. "Only for money my man , only for money." He turned back around and began talking to me about how he was getting ready to go to england and crap. I really didn't give a fuck but damn this was gonna be a fun trip...we pulled into the 24 hours Mc Donalds. "Hey Amber" peaches yelled and tapped me on the shoulder "Get back here with us, let Arley sit up there, we'll go to the back!"

I checjked w/ avron and he agreed so he stopped the car in the middle of the line and got out and did a chinesse fire drill. We scrambled and laughed as the people around us observed us. I ran to the back of the van and sat down in the middle. Peaches and kenzy darted into their seats beside me. We snuggled in and began talking peaches opened her hand to reveal 3 pills. "Now, the one guy said for us to hold onto these until tommorow. He called them PMA's..." I got very excited and blurtted out "This is fucking PARAMETHOXYAMPETHAMINE...This is E squared!!! This is the best shit out there. remember when i told you i went to fla down in naples and those dudes said it was e squared and it was the best roll ever!!!!" I felt like I was having a heart attack from the excitment. "Yeah, but they said to wait till tommorow, because he had never taken it with E so just wait till tommorow." I agreed and we all sat there quiet for a second as we began going through the parking shit. We finaly made it through and walked the rest oof the way t o the hotel. We decided to go to the beach after we checked into the room. We took off our shoes and made our way down...All the lights now at ceader point were pretty much off. We stepped off the board walk and slowly made our way down the beach.

The moon was full and the extacy was making it look very exotic. I was alone in my world as I made my way to the waters edge. I stood there and looked at the water. It was sooo pure...The water felt cold against my feet. and the sand under it felt eeven more amazing. I felt like god deciding what the world could be. If people could just look at what I saw through my eye's on my drugs. I was at peace with everything The air smelled fresh and crisp. I fell to my knee's and sighed. Avron came up and knelt beside me. "It's beautiful is't it..." he whispered quietly. I shuddered it had turned cold. I wanted to kiss avron, but I couldn;t understand why. He pulled the blanket down and placed it on the ground. I brushed off the sand and laid down on it. I exhaled deeply and listened to the waves...I heard movement other than seagulls and turned to see peaches and kenzy laying down on there tummy's to. The guy's quickly sat down on our asses and began slowly rubbing. Dave was on Kenzy Arley was on peaches and Avron was rubbing me., While the other guy went to the room to get someIce and water and a mirror. We had carried Avrons little music contraption thing. Avron ;eaned up and started a track.

The sounds were of the beach and water then it moved into a slow beat with some melodic chanting in the backround. Avron asked me to remove my shirt and I did. I had a bra on at least. I was nervous because if someone or avron looked at my butt they would see a lot more. I began relazing as the 3 rd guy got back. He had a bucket of ice and some ASTI w/ 8 Champagne flute He began pouring glasses . Our back rubs eneded and we sat up. I was cold so I pulled my "Shirt" back on. The e was coursing threw my veins slower. I felt reallly still though. Kenzy and peahes were draging as right now because they had done to much....I felt very light headed and asked if we could go to the room. Avron helped me up and put the blanket around me. And walked peaces and Kenzy and I up to the room. Once inside the room he told me if I wanted there was a shower I could and there were some robes in the room if we wanted to change. I smilled and he gave me a big hug and kissed me on my forehead. "Where are you going" i asked . He smiled at me and said: "I was just gonna give you guy's some space....

Were gonna hit the party for a minute we'll be back and then we'll talk more." I looked confused "I thought we were going to the party Avron?!" "You will, but why dont you just wait till tomorrow. If you get some rest we can go ride some rides in the morning and then at night they are gonna let the rides go for awhile after dark fro some special people...Like you...." "But we dont have any clothes for tommorow!" Avron smilled "Dont worrry we'll get somthing together..." With that he picked me up and carried me over to the bed and plopped me down he did so in a mannor to fall with me and land right between my legs..."Now.." as he slowly undid the snaps on my little school girl blouse...."We can have a party right here if you like..." as he stroked the inner part of my thigh in an upward manner and then back down." but first I have to go make us some money so we can have fun tommorow....Is that cool?" "I smiled and pulled him up closer to my lips and said "Not a problem." He felt so warm on my body. and his hands were so soft on my skin. He continued carrassing my inner leg with 2 fingers as he moved it closer to the spot. His breathing changed and he Kissed me hard and deep. I felt his fingers run down the crease as he moved it inward carrassing me in that way

...I gasped as he touched it. Simple sensations moved from my feet to my head...SNIFFFFFFFFFFFF... Avron and I jumped up and turned to see his buddy's all standing there doing coke. I walked over and picked up the straw and did my line on the tv. "Well boy's you ready!" Avron said as he walked over and did a line. "Yeah man but are you???" Arley said...AVron moved over to me kissed me and pickedup his key's and left. It was peaches and kenzy and I now....Hmmm what to do......I know!!!!!

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