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You flicked my cigarette into my macaroni

Substances: Cannabis

One day my friend told me him and another kid from school were gonna smoke after school. So I had my friend ask the kid if I could get in on it too. The kid with the weed had a pretty fat sack so this made no difference to him.
So it was set. we were gonna smoke at my house after school. So I got home from school and sat for about half an hour before they got there with the bud. As soon as they got there we went to my room to smoke a couple heavenly bowls, each about 3 inches deep and packed tight. After getting done smoking I got a plate of macaroni and cheese to calm my munchies down.

So I went back in my room to eat them and I was smoking a cigarette. I don't like smoking while eating because it makes my food taste like shit. So I asked my friend if he'd hold my square for me while I smoked. I handed him my square and continued eating. A few moments later I noticed my friend was flicking my ashes off in the air and onto my floor. I was a little confused and decided to ask what he was doing.
But without responding he flicked my cigarette into my plate of macaroni and cheese. I was really confused at this point. So I decided to ask what the hell he was doing. I said, "dude, what are you doing, you flicked my cigarette into my macaroni". He just started talking about how a UFO had flown in the room and started hovering in front of his face so he put my cigarette out on it. Then when he was done he threw it in the garbage container that my macaroni was in and that I was eating out of! I was like holy shit.

I couldn't figure out what my friend was talking about. I had read all the drug books at my school and had read that in rare cases marijuana can cause hallucinations, but I had never seen this happen or even heard of cases from people I knew for that matter. What made it even wierder was the fact that my friend had never taken any hallucinogens in his life which I hear can cause this experience in weed. I still can't figure it out to this day. I guess it was just some good shit!

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