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The place where you will find information about soft-drugs, like Marijuana, Magic Mushrooms and Herbal drugs.

Drugs-Plaza tries to give you the answers to your questions about Marijuana, Magic Mushrooms and Herbal Drugs. Can not find the answer, then go to our forums and ask your question.

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Using Marijuana affects and stimulates thinking and leads to a positive attitude towards life. Marijuana causes euphoric feelings. You start feeling very happy and it stimulates your mind. Someone who is "high" has a positive view on the world and on life. In the marijuana section you’ll find everything about how to use marijuana, rolling joints and eating marijuana.

Using Magic Mushrooms is very different from using marijuana. Magic mushrooms will get you in some kind of trip showing you another world. In the magic mushroom section you’ll find everything about the effects, how to eat, smoke and grow magic mushrooms.

Using Herbal Drugs can have different effects, depending on the herbal drugs you take. Herbal drugs are natural alternatives for chemical drugs and other stimulants. Most come straight from nature, and have astonishing effects. They differ in effect and strength, but we can say most are psychedelic. Read more about the effects of herbal drugs, in our herbal drug section.



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