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I Like Weed
Artist: Bargain music

i like weed
i really really like weed
so much that if the moment arrived
i'd glady beat your ass for one bowl
even though you're my brother, i like weed
i like buds, i even like the leaves
those stems and seeds bum me out
i still have to say i like weed
i like to call my boy chris on his beeper
on his beeper
chris calls me back and he asks where i'm at
i say 'orizaba and 10th'
he says 'how much you want?'
and i say '50's fine'
he said 'allright, i'll be there in 15 minutes time'
i like weed, while watchin CB-4 and while i read
now this song is done
so excuse me while i smoke some weed
bong solo (cough, cough, cough)

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