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Because I got High Afroman Pop
Weed hand Baby Bash Rap
I like weed Bargain music Rock
Burn one down Ben Harper Rock
Sweet Leaf Black Sabbath Rock
Rainy day women #12 & #35 Bob Dylan Rock
I Shot The Sheriff Bob Marley Reggae
Easy Skanking Bob Marley Reggae
Weed Song Bone Thugs N' Harmony R&B
Weed man Cypress Hill Rap
The Pope Smokes Dope David Peel & the lower E Pop
Ganja Smugglin Eak a Mouse Reagge
Purple Haze Jimi Hendrix Rock
Green Day Green Day Punk
Smoking Budda Krazie Bone Rap
Fight For Your Right to Light the Bong Kind Keith Rap
Homegrown Neil Young Rock
Legalize It Peter Tosh Reggae
Marijuana Brian Robbins band Rock
Feel good hit of the summer Queens of the stone age Rock
Reefer Madness Hawkind Rock
I got stoned & missed it Shel Silverstein Pop
Don't Step On The Grass, Sam Steppenwolf Rock
Smoke Two Joints Sublime Punk
Smoke Wit You Twista Hiphop
Hash pipe Weezer Rock
It's So Nice To Be Stoned White Witch Pop
Puffin Lah Yukmouth Hiphop
In The Flow Ziggy Marley Reagge
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