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Fight For Your Right to Light the Bong
Artist: Kind Keith

Fight For Your Right to Light the Bong by Kind Keith

Now a typical day with Master K begins with a couple of spliffs.
Then he opens up his case, takes out his bass, and lays down some funky riffs.
Then I compete with Random Rooster and Keitho to see who can solo finer.
We incorporate modes, arpeggios, and scales both major and minor.

But it's not really a competition between us musicians,
we really cover eachother's backs.
Cuz when one of us hits the bong in the middle of a song
then the other ones pick up the slack.

And the buds are sweet and we never miss a beat
as we play music all day long.
And we hit the bong between every song
and we just don't think that that's wrong. We say together:


Fight for your right to light the bong!
C'mon! We're a hundred million strong!
Said fight for your right to light the bong!
Yeah! We're a hundred million strong!
So fight for your right to light
and we'll legalize today and get high tonight!
I said fight for your right to light the bong!
A hundred million people can't be wrong!

Quehubo, I'm Weed Al and I'm a grifo.
I hang with Random Rooster, Master K-daddy, and Keitho.
We play music and we smoke marijuana.
The cops want to stop us, but they're never gonna.
We'll go the distance for the resistance,

that is to say we're always happy to lend our assistance
to the noble fight, for the right to light the bong.
And we'll write the song in order to fight what's wrong.
Cuz we're the coalition of musicians on a mission.
We're for the abolition of marijuana prohibition.
But listen, it won't happen just by wishin'.
Circulate petitions, and vote on propositions, to
legalize now because millions of us get high.
Visualize how impossible it would be to to try

to lock us up, becuase there's just to many of us.
If we all stick together they won't be able to lock up any of us.
But if we stay underground out of fear,
they'll keep bustin seven hundred thousand every year.
It's wrong, and it's been going on too long.
We're a hundred million strong, so be proud to hit the bong!


Now when I say fight, I don't mean hit.
Everybody light, the sticky green shit.
That's right, fight but not with violence.
Don't bust heads, instead break the silence.
Spread the truth, cuz truth is beauty,
and they've been selling so many lies to our youth that it's your duty
to attack the lies and counteract them with facts.
Then light a fat hootie, get high, and relax.
Try to cause, people to take pause and think
about the laws, and how they're riddled with flaws and how they stink.
Like you can drink or smoke tobacco,
but if you toke weed they lock you up? That's just whack, yo.
What kinda damn hypocrisy is that?
In this so called democracy they're sayin' that weed is bad,
but they're wrong, and it's been goin' on too long.
We're a hundred million strong so be proud to hit the bong!


Now as you may remember, from the nineteen-twenties,
when you have prohibition you get criminals with money.
They use those funds to buy judges, politicians, and guns,
and that's what we're gonna call point one.

Now point two, prohibition isn't meant to help you.
It's just meant to give cops and lawyers something to do
And point three, if all those prisoners were free,
there'd be more tax money for you and me.

Point four, if you could buy weed at the store,
you wouldn't have to go and deal with criminals to score.
And point five, weed helps keep people alive.
it's some of the best medicine on the planet, no jive.

I could continue with facts six and seven....
instead I'll pass the mic to my homey Eric Shevin.

Yo! I'm Eric Shevin and I'm a lawyer.
The prosecuting attorneys all call me the destroyer.
Cuz I destroy their cases, you should see their faces
when i put 'em through their paces and then beat 'em like five aces.
They squeal when I win on appeal,
I keep it real, and I feel like it's time to
heal the patients, across the nation.
So hold demonstrations for legalization.

And here's another way that you can lend your support.
If you get busted and you have to go to court,
hire me. After you pay a small fee
I will fight for your rights and I'll fight to keep you free.
Now you may ask, how is that gonna help the cause?
When I'm fightin' to save your ass I'm also fightin' to change the laws!
Judicial challenge to that legislation
is what I'm doin for marijuana legalization!


Copyright (c) 2004 by Kind Keith, all rights reserved.

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