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Exstacy and Strippers.....

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By: 420GirlCandyFlip

Back once again w/ another story, of my so ever populated life of sex, corruption, money and drugs......

Okay, so last summer I was living in Mansfield, Ohio in some very nice apartments payed for by our car dealer w/ my 2 stripper friends Peaches and Kenzy. We were enjoying life as most 19 year olds do who dont have to work, or worry about money, cause there car dealer have them $100 bucks a day for whatever monday through Friday. So any way, we were all chilling and talking about some bull shit getting high and we got on the topic of of work, and how we all way's were getting propositoned for outside club work, like partys and stuff. Kenzy said to me "Well, you remeber when me and Felicty went down to North Carolina 2 months ago...I was like "Ohhh yeah" (Peaches and Kenzy had just met through me) she told me we could make a lot of money by going to work for her friend Liza. So we sat down and talked about it and decided to go the next day. Kenzy hopped on her phone and started calling down to N.C. to set up our shit.

Peaches hopped on her phone and called our car dealer to get $300 promising a turn back of the money double (So we lied and told him it was to buy some "E" to sell) He agreed and told us to stop by in the morning, and to stop by the shop @ noon, he had a package we needed to hold onto for a minute that day) We agreed, just because we knew it was cocaine, and we could very well get an ounce, just because it would be at least 6 packages. We sat down and re determined what to do. We decide to push the trip back till the weekend. It was okay, I rolled a joint and broke out the good weed...."Buzzzzz...""Buzzzzz...." I was like what the fuck? It was the door downstairs, I jumped up and pushed the call butten. "Who is it?" I said. "It's Mitch....... bitch, let me in!" Peaches jumped up off the glass table and quickly moved to one of the apolstred chairs in the dinning room trying to look busy rolling my joint......Mitch knocked on the door, and Kenzy gave up and started smoking a bowl. Peaches was like get the door! I yelled that the door was open. He walked in w/ his tall white boy status like he owned the place...(You gotta love drug dealers...I correct that Exstacy dealers) He was like "Whats up Amber?" I was like "Nothing ass hole...." I was still fucking w/ him cause he gave Alex the weed that I took the wrap for and we were picking up his little fuck that night. (Refrence to "1st time getting busted by the cops" posted in the Marajuana Story forum) Any way we all moved to the dinning area and we smoked a joint of our Hydro. We were all talkin about stupid shit when Mitch was like "Hey you guys check these out..." He pulled out of his asprin bottle, 10 yellow Triangles (Excstacy) and was like $80 bucks. I was like "Sold!!!" I grabbed the money out of our little safe we never locked and threw it at him.

Note: These were detroit Yellow Triangles. History of this pill: There were two presses of the pills made, One was the Deadly killer of Spring Break 2001, and one was some of the most potent shit on the street at that point. Odd's: 50/50 The odd's were pretty bad here, but you dont really think about it )
We all decide to eat one . We downed them w/ one of our Jugs of O.J. We began smoking another joint supllied by Mitch. Soon after, our rolls began kicking in. It was like damn...........I felt like I was melting into the iron back of the chair. I looked @ Mitch and he was all fucked up looking We were all talking, I was having a hard time focusing, Kenzy was rolling her head around in awe. I was rubbing my feet on the carpet it was like pure heaven it was so tingley, It was hot and made it feel like someone was licking and sucking on my toes. We soon moved onto our next phase of the roll in the living room, w/ vicks inhalers, vicks vapor rub and orgie massage. We soon began getting pretty messed up as we smoked another joint. We were rolling around on the carpet and spinning around in circles, Mitch came to me and told me to come in my room.

I followed him into my room and jumped up on my 4 post canopy bed and began jumping (hey I have had that bed for years!) He Went over to my vanity and Pulled out little rocks of Crystal Meth. I already knew what was up. I went into the kitchen and grabbed some foil out of the drawer and stuck it down my baggy raver pants and walked back through the living room. I didn't know why I was being so sneaky, they were out on the balcony smoking some more weed out of the Bowl looking through the telescope at the Meteor shower. Iwent back into the room and pulled the foil out. He had allready broke it down, I sat on the edge of my bed and folded the foil up and handed it to him. He pulled his pipe out of his pocket and his lighter. He let me take first hit..(okay I have to post this much on this one...)


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