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Exstacy and Strippers.....(part2)

I was ao messed up at this point the crystal only made me think about it. The first hit was sweet, I almost choked on the sweet emulsion of smoke. My lungs filled w/ a feeling of peace. I couldn't feel if it hurt to bad. I passed the pipe and heated the Crystle for him. He kept hitting it and hitting it. I began feeling the Crystal hit me, I was very even more touchy than what the "E" made me. I wanted to be touchd and touch. Mitch was feeling the same way. He moved closer to me on the bed. He began rubbing my hair and I began rubbing on his leg. It was amazing, We had smoked a lot. Before we began getting weird, He told me to go get my other pill. I went back out, and walked through the living room to see my friends down in the yard playing w/ sparklers. Listening to the car stereo. I had to walk down the stairs to get my pill cause They had taken it obviously downstairs w/ them. I walked down the 3 flights of stairs staring @ the chandalier hanging down, the walls were a crisp wintery white, and the fixtures in the hall way's were a brillant glowing gold metal that was so beautiful. I made it down stairs and my friends ran up to me, asking what I was doing up there...I told them nothing and that I wanted my other pill. They decided to come up stairs and we would all sit down smoke a joint and listen to some techno and get some light show's.

I decided to light a sparkler, and when I lit the sparkler it was like "Whoah" It was a white sparkler but the colors were all amazing that it was emiting. The little sparks became tracers and it looked like medusasa hair almost, It was all very slow and beautiful. I was so out of it, I dropped the sparkler. It broke my trance once it was exstinguished . They were like "Amber! Your face is covered w/ ashes....I was busted out! They knew somthing was up. I quickly told them I was smoking some Crystal w/ mitch, They were like hey I want some! We ended up running up the 3 flights of stairs,We were grabbing onto the banister, pulling our selves up the stairs when Peaces phone rang she was like hold up you guys. She stopped dead in her tracks and answered her phone. "Hello?!....Yeah....okay thats cool, she you in an hour." Peaches gave us a big eyed look and started laughing and told me that "Jerry" was on his way over in an hour w/ the "Stuff" We were like "Damnit, Mitch is here!" We knew jerry was all way's on time, and we knew how he felt about having guy's in our apartment.

This was a place of buisness, not a flop house for our fucks. Kenzy was like all paranoid and shit, I was laughing cause at this point, My body was so messed up I didn't give a fuck, someone was gonna get laid by me tonight. We decided to tell mitch in a half an hour. We walked back up stairs, once inside we began looking for mitch.... I looked in my bedroom, nope, not there. Peaches and kenzy looked in the master bedroom. Nope......We all met up in the kitchen and decided mitch must have left. We walked back into my room and all of mitchs crystal was laying out. We were like cool. I grabbed the crystal and kenzy grabbed the foil and peaches grabbed my downy comforter. We walked back into the living room and chrissy put the blanket down. We begn devoring the Cryatal, doing bumps and smoking, Peaches pulled the remaning pills out. She passed them out, and we ate them, We were all like zoning on our little candle stand on the tables. We began bubbing the blankets on our bodies. We looked @ the clock. 20 min's. till jerry was here. We began rubbing each others sholders, and then laid down in a circle and began rubbling each other, the creases on Kenzy's pants were like little waves.

Peaches began rubbing directly under my butt I squezzed Kenzy thigh harder and harder in deep massages. I let out a moan as Peaches moved to the inner thigh...Right bellow my....you know....We all were quiet just letting out moans and writhing about . The extacy or the meth was kiking in...I began feeling my "area" getting hot...I felt like I was wet all over my body. My mouth was driving me crazy. I needed somthing to chew on. Our Royal Blue carpet looked like it was a clear pond....My eyes rolled in the back of my head.....It felt like I was being rubbed through my pants in that area....I was like...Fuck it and began moving my hands in that direction on Kenzy. Peaches breathing became arraticated as did mine, I felt it... I was very close....It was amazing.....We all were entering that leval, my body writhed on the floor as did peaches and Kenzy's.......an exsplosion, I moaned louder an rolled over on my side.......Soon after peaches and Kenzy were quiet. We were all very light headed. I stood up and was like, "That was weird..." We all laughed and shrugged it off, I went into the kitchen to light a ciggarette.

Peaches came in and walked up to me. She was staring @ me and then asked for a ciggarette. She beautiful tonight I thought, we must have been thinking the same thing because after she li her ciggarette, I pushed her up against the fridge gently and kissed her. She pulled me into her mouth deeper. It was amazing....we broke and then went back into the living room...We sat down and began rolling a joint on the blanket. All of the sudden Kenzy screamed. Peaches and I ran into the Bathroom, to find mitch passed out on our floor in the bathroom.......It was like fuck...."Buzz....Buzzz.....Buzzzz......" The door.........We grabbed mitch by his ankles and drug him acroos the floor into the master bedroom "Buzz...Buzzz" while peaches and Kenzy put mitch in the walk in closet, I buzzed Jerry in. I quickly grabbed the weed and shit off the table and put it in our tin. I through the blanke on the Chair and sat down and jumped back up, bercause I knew I was gonna ralph.....I ran into the bathroom and puked in the sink "Knock Knock...." I was like breathing real hard and sweating "Peaches...someone...get the fucking door...." I heard foot steps entering the foyer.

I soon heard Jerry's voice. I remained in the bathroom and did my makeup (that is the funnest thing to do when your eyes look like saucers. I looked better, I brushed out my blonde hair and changed my clothes into a silky spagetti strap dress. Peaches and Kenzy came in and said that Jerry had brought some people over. I was like cool, They changed to. We were all ready in about 10 min. We walked down the hall way into the living room.......There was jerry, along w/ 2 columbian looking guy's.. I walked in and sat down. It was very smokey in the living room so I opened the the balcony doors. Jerry said that this would take only a minute. jerry got up and went into the kitchen where the Package was He brought in a box that had 8 packages sealed in duct tape. He pulled out his knife and opened the first package. It was all powder. We removed our selves from the room, and went back into the master bedroom to check on mitch. I was rolling my nuts off, and my eyes wern't focusing..... I felt sick again. I went into the batroom and puked....My eyes were watering all over. Somthing wrong...My head was aching....I began to cry...I thought oh my god I'm gonna die.........To be continued


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