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Exstacy and Strippers.....(part 10)

I looked at avron he ushered me and peaches to the couch as Kenzy followed behind us. The set up was simple: A couch directly in front of the Table w/ 2 old lounge chairs on each side. Theire were trippy posters hung, and the blacklights were on. The room was luminated by Splaters of neon paint that reacted to tthe lights. It was very shocking at first. I looked around a realized this was one room of many in the basment. Peaches and I sat on the Couch as Kenzy sat in one of the Chairs. "So Dave whats up my man are you ridding?" Dave looked to his friends and they gave there nod of aproval. "So lady's what brings nice looking lady's like yourselfs to Hell on earth?" "Well," I said "We are here on a mission to get fucked up...." I smiled "Well you've definitaly come to the right place hon!" With that he picked up his razor blade and began cutting out rails of cocaine. He passed me a straw and said "My names Arley." I smiled I began to speak "My names...." "Her names princess" Avron cut in..."Just call her princess." I turned and smiled and leaned towards the coke....I looked....This wasn't cocaine......I almost did a line until I looked closer....What are the blue specks.....I threw the straw down...I was scared...Peaches and kenzy looked down at the "Coke" They looked in their amazment as did I.

I looked frightened and Avron spoke up:"Chill girls, it's just Powder E" "What?' We asked. The 2 guy's who had remained silent now spoke up. "We just drove in from Kentucky for this...Just out of the drying racks...Fresh, uncut by your local dealer..." I looked and inspected it, and tasted it. Asprin....My visulas were fucked up the line didn't look very straight. I bent down and snorted really fucking hard....It burnt so bad...."One more Princess" avron said and directed me by the straw to the next line. My stomech was wuzzy...My eyes blurred and I placed the straw into the line. Sniffffffffff.... I coughed...Done! I threw the straw sown on the table and tried to stand up fast.. Whooosh.. I staright fell down....I opened my eyes....VEMS! (Verticle Eye movements) My eye's began shaking I was having a problem Concentrating on what I was suppose to be doing...I felt a rush through my sytem.... I looked up and saww the other 2 gentleman helping kenzy and Peaches w/ their rails Arley and Avron helped me up and sat me on the chair. They were like "Shit are you okay princess?" "I was like yeah, but I need some air.....

They helped me into the next room to the bathroom and closed the door. I tried to focus in the mirror....My eyes were bugging out...They hurt...I dont know why But I began hyperventlating. kenzy and peaches joined me...."Amber...I dont feel to hot........"Peaches whined. I luinged past kenzy to the toilet .....Everything was fucked up I couldn't which way was up which way was down was I in hell or heavenn....Oh Godddd.....Fuck...... Done....My breathing slowed down as I rolled awy from the toilet and sat against the tub....Oh thank god it worked....It was over...Ifelt like I was 100% better. Kenzy flushed the toilet and stuck her finger down her throat and made herself puke....As did peaches....We sat on the cold floor for 10 mins smoking ....I needed to sober up some..."wheres the hitter" I asked. Peaches passed it to me. Snif Snif..Alright good to go...I stood up regaing my composer and went to the mirror and began rumaging threw their cabnets. Mouth Wash BINGO!

I poured out a good mouth ful and placed the white cup almost to my lips and dumped it in. Gargle..Gargle...Peaches and Kenzy stumbled up and repeted. I took the purse and pulled out the makeup and retouched along side Kenzy and peaches. We walked back out and realized like 30 mins had passed.. We walked out to the room and sat back down on the couch...The Guy's said "you ready?" We were like "Yeah" We did informal intro's and walked up the stairs. AVron walked behind me..."Hey princess...Whats up with no panties as he pinched my butt. We made it to the front door and went out to the van. AVron helped me into the van as did the other guy's with my girls. We all loaded up w/ Avron in the fornt and I and Peaches and kenzy in the middle and the 3 other dudes in the back.. they picked up the glowsticks and the remote and began Jamming. I turned and watched as the Extacy kicked the Acids ass and won.....We began our trip to Sandusky Ohio as we drove I asked where in Sandusky we were going...."Breakers Resort, Ceader point...We have passes for tommorow if you want...." Hell Yeah I wanna go!... "Allright, hey you guy's wanna go to Ceader point tomorrow?" Peaches and Kenzy began Chattering and yelled back "That they would have to check their drugs but probly! So we drove al night......


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