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Exstacy and Strippers.....(part 3)

I fell to the floor, trying to focus on the recessed lighting in the bathroom. Everything was shaking including me. I was scared @ this point. I some how pulled myself up onto the toilet. I pulled myself up onto the counter trying to see the extent of the damage I caused on myself. Kenzy opened the door i turned and fell into her arms. She and peaches pulled me into the master bedroom. Our house guest needed to be un aware of my condition due to Jerry's request. ( I pretty much blacked out at this point but my friends told me what happened.

After they placed me on the bed, jerry came in to see what was wrong. They told him that I had done some bunk crystal and I was just sick. Jerry use to be a paramedic. He came over to the bed and opened my eyelids to check them out. He was very shocked to see that my eyes were so dialated that the pupil was over taking my eye. He soon instructed Peaches to run a cold bath and for Kenzy to get my robe and some towls. Jerry removed my clothes and picked me up and placed me in the cold water. I was comatose. Jerry began splashing water on my face as kenzy and peaches were crying in the hall way. Our columbian guest soon came to the bathroom. Jerry instructed them to go back into the living room and let the girls ample the product. Kenzy a peaches went into the living room where Dieago and Alex let them indulge in some Cane as they called it. Jerry told me that I came around shortly after that. When I came to, I had a hilacious headache and my eyes hurt like someone had pulled them out of my head and stretched them out. I was laying in my bedroom when I came to. Mitch and Kenzy and peaches were all sitting on my bed.

I was like what the fuck. Mitch was obviously still fucked up. I sat up and they began telling me the story of my little pass out party. I lit a ciggarette as they began talking. I wasn't really listening to tem all I kept thinking about was the Cane. Did we get any? Had the all ready done some? Was that really crystal i smoked? What time was it? I stopped Peaches in her sentence and said " Um, do you have the coke?" They all laughed. She was like "yeah, we got it." I was like cool. "Peaches pulled out from under the bed my electronic scale. She passed it to me and then passed me the little tin. I opened it and to my amazement there was a package of white powder. I slowly pulled the package out of the tin and reset the scales. Placed the baggy on the scale. It blinked ".988" I began laughing as did everyone else. "Finally, some real fucking shit!!!" Peaches yelled. I soon jumped out of bed and began feeling 100 times better despite the lack of cordonation and the throbbing pparts in my brain. I went into the kitchen and got some asprin and popped 3. I downed some more Oj, and went back into the bedroom. Kenzy was rolling aa joint and peaches and mitch were breaking down the cokes into seals. We began doing rails of cocaine. I was choking as the powdery emulision was seeping down the back of my throat. I was feeling excelent.

Mitch began complaining about the fact that we never do shit with him any more. We exsplained to him that we dont hang out w/ anyone any more that we were to busy. Peaches decided she would shoot some sice the shit was as clean as it was gonna get. We all watched for a couple seconds until she put it in her arm. The effects were imidiate. She began telling me to try it. After a couple of minutes she talked me into it. I had no clue what the fucki I was doing. I got out a bottled water took the cap off and poured a little water into it. Peaches added the necessary amount of cane which wasn't much. I had no clue if it was like shooting heroine, so I pulled the filter out of the ciggarette after stirring and placed the filter ball in the fluid and filled it up. 10 cc. I tied off my arm as everyone watched w/ awe. I began flexing and found my lucky vein. I entered the needle and felt the sharp prick i pushed down to make sure it would go in the vein. I ppushed the fluid into my vein. Wow...I was like in an orgasmic high. It was like when you peak on E but 10 times higher. I began breathing heavy. It felt awsome. It was over shortly and we all did another line. The rest of the evening was filled w/ cocaine and weed. We began rolling primos out the ass.

We were very stonned and almost falling asleep when peaches got the foil and water and we began free basing the cocaine. I soon was wired again and mitch was obvioulsly feeling the same. I bergan feeling hot and went into the bathroom. My Blonde hair was messy. I brushed it out. and applied some foundation blush and eyeliner. I changed into some shorts and came back out. Mitch peahes and Kenzy were all talking real fast. I began freaking 3 packs of ciggarettes w/ cocaine. These were so loaded w/ coke that after I was done there was more cocaine in the bottem of the packs than in them. I'm sure there was more in the ciggarettes actually. Wer began smoking the ciggarttes. We were very cracked out. When I decided to call Dameon in Lexington to see if we could get some heroine to come down off. It was like 28 min away but fuck it. (Kenzy didn't shoot H but she snorted it and smoked it) Dameon said for us to come ahead over. Mitch decided to take off.

We alll pilled into the Escort and began jamming to some Crazy town. Peaches turned the music down and told us what she had done. "You guy's, I know were friends w/ mitch and stuff, but check this shit out." She pulled out 8 more pills. "I got them off him while he was sleeping. I was like "Thats fucked up!! Give me one..." i popped the blue pill. I knew it was E from the little unicorn stamp. They were single stacks which ment they were potent as fuck. I chewed the nasty little pill and shifted. We began driving around town and smoked a joint. We began to pull into Dameons driveway when I noticed all the cop cars and lights. "DETOUR!!" I screamed . My heart fell out of my chest. The extacy was making me very scared at this point. We began laughuing and crying at the same time. We ended up going to Kenzy's brothers house to finish our roll. We got to his house and began raving w/ back rubs and vicks.Our rolls ended a few laters we ended up going back home and crashing out until 4:30 the next afternoon. I awoke to the buzzer I answered it "Hello?" "Amber let me in.." It was mitch......


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