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Exstacy and Strippers.....(part 4)

I felt like shit and here was Mitch the guy we had stollen ex off of. "Hold on..." I buzzed him in. Peaches and kenzy stumbbled into the front room. "Umm you guy's you got any more pills left`?" Peaches began digging through the laundry looking for the pants she had on last night. "Knock knock" I glanced down @peaches as she pulled out 5 remaining pills. "Knock knock" He was pounding on the door louder and louder. I grabbed the pills and ran back to the closet in the master bedroom. I threw the pills where he was laying. Turned the light out and walked back into the living room. Mitch was there. "hey amber..." "Hey mitch whats up?" He was like "Not much, but do you guys no what happened to my pills? I was like "No....I have no clue..." "Well I had them when I was in your room. But I dont remember when else I had them " I was trying to keep him from searchinfg around.

"Peaches" I replied "Help him find his pills real quick" She began looking through all the cusions and stuff. "Amber, I just dont know where they are!" peaches replied. "Well, mitch, I apologize for not being able to help you out but we are busy people today so if you can come back later It would be really cool...." He was like dumbfounded. I picked up his face to his CD plaver and his Keys and put them in his hand and peaches opened the door and I helped him out. I turned and walked back in... "Well, thats that" I said. "Peaches and I laughed. "Why do we alway's hang out w/ losers?" I was like "I dont know, but they make me feel smarter!" We laughed and went into the kitchen and cut out 6 fat line on the miorror on the counter. Peaches snorted her firt one kinda of weak and had to start on her other nostril . Kenzy took her line fast and I did mine in a wisp. My eyes watered and my sinuses tingled. I went down and did my other line... My Blonde hair swept over the cocaine as I cuaght a glimpe of my reflection...I looked straight...I looked like someone had just killed my mom or somthing... My eyes watered up and I lost sight of my reflection and I sat up.

"who wants to go to work in Columbus tonight girls?" "Kenzy perked up as did peaches... We ended up cutting a few more lines. I lit my Capri 120 ciggartette and began waxing my legs... (pain is nothing when you are on cocaine) I sat on the garden tub and applied the Dye to my hair....(how did Marylin do this shit?) I walked back out to the kitchen to cut some more rocks up. Peaches walked back in and sat @ the litchen table..."Amber, do you like me?" I was like "What the fuck is that suppose to mean? Of course I like you dumb ass your my best friend..." "Not like that Amber....Do you love me???"......

"Peaches....shut the Fuck up dude....You know I love you" I just walked away I knew what she ment.....That was fucked up... Of course I liked her that way, what did we do I mean come on. I went back into my room and crashed down on my bed. I picked up the small snow globe on the floor. It was a dolphin in a graceful pose w/ fluffy white sparkly dust stuff all stuck in the creviceses of the dolphin body. It reminded me ove DXM. I then thought about my mom and how she had told me that as long as I wasn't hurting anyone or myself what I was doing was okay with her. All my life my mom told me "You dont want to turn out like your Birth Mother Penny.. (I'm adopted, and my mother was a dyke drug addict who wanted to get high more than have))" I began to feel that my life was pointless. I mean I had a great place, drugs, friends, a car, and yet I felt that I had nothing. I looked at the clothes that hung so neatly in my closets. My black feather boa was laying on the floor in a pile. I walked over and picked it up. I started thinking about all the times I had fucked up lately and began crying...."Amber..." It was peaches. "dude, whats wrong?" I was like "fuck this shit, we hve no life, we are controlled by everyone elses drugs!! Jerry just snaps his fingers and we jump! I dont want to just be the middle man w/ this shit anymore...

"Well, what do you wanna do instead?" She replied. "Lets take a break again...Lets just do it ourselves again.. still let jerry do his shit, but lets just open the escort agency in North Carolina, forward the phones to our Sprint Cell and have the girls western union the money to us..." peaches smiled "It's whatever you want dude...KENZY!!!!" Peaches yelled. Kenzy came in with a joint. "You guys, We have 2 joints left some rolls and about a POUND OF COCAINE!!!!!!" We all laughed...She made it seem like that was all we had like it wasn't enough..Like we were out of stuff forever.. "Keny, Amber and I want to open The agency...What do you think?" "Hell yeah guys.... I have all the shity I need from when I worked in Indiana!!!!" She threw me the joint. I began feeling better w/ every hit of the joint...I passed to my left and Peaches smilled again... she was pretty...She looked like hell from last night....She was just smoking away and Kenzy came in. She sat down w/ a plastic purple organizer filled w/ contracts legal mumbo jumbo and some roachs...hehehe she allways had roaches everywhere... (Continue reading the next post....)


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