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Exstacy and Strippers.....(part 5)

any way she began exsplaing the basic stuff like the set up and the costs... I was like "Not a problem...We'll ask jerry for the money and dip again.!" We all agreed. It was my hit. (smoke...smoke...smoke..) I went into my dresser and got a Swisher out and a and a blunt wrap (you can buy them here on this page!) I sat down and began splitting the Swisher. Peaches knew I had more weed than Kenzy knew of. (Gotta keep some to my self I mean I grew the shit....I dont like to smoke it to much because this way I allway's have some when everyone else goes out...) I would say I had about a half an ounce left in my room. I went under my bed and pulled out my lock box... Brinks.....fire proof...my clothes can burn and the tv but not whats in this box...hell my gerbile can burn. I took my keys out of my purse and sat the box on the bed. I put the key in the lock and turned.

I opened the box and sat the keys on the bed. inside was all my memories from my childhood and young adult life..anything that I valued. I skipped the mubo jumbo and went for the weed. I even got out my egyptian papers w/ the little hyroglyphics on them... I closed the box up and locked it. Kenzy had never seen my weed before and was in awe. She was acting like a kid in the candy store.. She pretty much snorted my weed....Peaches and kenzy were telling me about there fucked up childhoods and crap...I was thinking..God we all had sucky lives. But I guess look at us now....Hmmm....I wish I had some heroine....."Amber! Are you gonna roll it or what?" I was like "Yeah, but your huffing my weed...you need to light it first!!!" she passed me the weed and I took out two 3 1/2 inch buds and broke them up in the blunt. I licked the blunt and got up and stuck it in the freezer to dry. I walked back in and rolled a joint. It was fat.. I lit it and we began smoking. I was high after my second pass. Kenzy dipped out and brought back 3 rolls... "Uh-huh...whre did you get that candy little girl?" In a little girls voice she said "Ummm I robbed some stupid guy!!" and grinned from eye to eye. I chuckled and Hit the joint and passed I began speaking w/ the smoke still in my lungs " gIVE ME THE FUCKING E!..COUGH COUGH" They both laughed.

She dolled the drugs out and I popped mine in my mouth. Chew Chew....E would be awsome if it didn't taste like asprin.... I got up and went into the kitchen to get ther blunt...peaches came in after me with the joint. We bullshitted about jerry and went into the livingroom. I lit the blunt and began chiefing on it. I was blown, I passed the blunt to peaches.I exhaled a mushroom cloud and coughed for like 10 min. I picked up the remote and turned on the CD player DJ Sammy was in. I turned the CD's till I got to the Aqua CD. I switched the track to Barbi girl and began dancing around the living room doing barbi posses I was very serious and belivable. I hit the blunt and then asked where kenzy was and that she was missing the blunt. Peaches said "You'll see" I sat back down. I felt anxious I knew the e was kicking in. My hands were sweating and my stomech had butterfly's. Had I forgotten to eat before this??? I was like fuck...I knew I was gonna be gone here soon. Peaches dropped the blunt and began laughing. Kenzy was just standing there in the little school girl outfit that we all have for work (3 individual outfits) she had it all on the tie, the skirt, stillettos , knee socks everything!!!

She had on heavy makeup and she looked like a porn star. You could tell her e was kicking in. I was like "That is so unfair I was just gonna do that!" She ran into my room and went in the closet and pulled out my catholic school girl outfit. She ran back in and threw it at me and then took off running down the hall....Thud Thud...Crack! "What the fuck was that?" I said very loudly. We jumped up off the coach and looked in the hailway. There was kenzy on her ass w/ a broken heel! I began lauging so hard I fell on the floor, everyone began laughing then! She looked like a little girl now trying to play dress up! We all regained our composer and helped her up. "You can borrow my other shoes kenzy!" Peaches said. "Whats the deal w/ the outfits kenzy?" I said "Well, lets put them on and go out tonight!!!!!!" "What the fuck?" Peaches said. "No, lets put on the outfits and go party we'll have so much fun!!!" Some how she suckered me into it and peaches. I Went into The bathroom and stripped down and turned the shower on.

Thank god we wax our legs now because if not we'd be in some shit..I dont even think i owned a razor....(Hairless, you gotta love it!) So any way I stepped into the shower (It was seperate from the tub) Closed the door and grabbed my loofah and dove body wash. Empty...fuck...Knock knock...the door opened. "Amber, are you gonna be long?" peaches asked. "Maybe...why?" I still had a part of a blunt I was gonna smoke while i took my shower. "Well, can I just get in there with you?" I was like "I dont care, just get me your Curve body wash were out of dove." she closed the door and was back in a flash. I opened the door to let her in. I was rolling my ass off. The water felt good...I was in heaven..The crisp white made peaches skin a pale milky compleaction...She was pulling off her shirt when kenzy opened the door. "What this shit you guy's? Gonna leave me to stink??? You have to remind me I didn't shower today!" I lauged and said come on Kenzy. I stepped out of the shower and put my robe on. I put my hand in the pocket and felt a ring. i pulled it out..."Ewwww!!!...I dropped it" it was a lifesaver.... half sucked down. I turned the tub on and was like." I dont think we'll all fit in there...We'll all fit in here though!" I turned the water and added some bath salt and oil and some strawberry ball looking things. I lit the candles around the tub and picked up the blunt. There wasn't much left. The other two were rubbing there hands on the edge of the door. It looked like fun....I exscused my self and rolled a blunt in my room.

I came back in and they were allready in the tub. The water was a light pink tint. I looked at them. They were sitting facing each other. I felt warm and sheded my robe. They whistled and I splashed water at them. i eased myself into the hot water...It was heaven.. Our legs felt silky because of all the lotion we used. Kenzy and peaches were massaging each others feet. I sat in the middle directly across from the faucet. I leaned down to get the blunt and the lighter. I was very fucked up at this point. I wanted a massage!!! I slipped back into my place in our tub. The water was spilling out. We were cramped. Oh well, at least be crampped with your friends. I lit the blunt and passed it to Peaches at my left. (Pass to the left and sail to the right!) I began rolling my head around. I was so light. Kenzy's eyes were saucers again. I looked at peaches. Her auburn brown hair was in a claw clip, Here eyeliner was runnig slightly it looked like she wanted it to look like that. We finished the blunt and began washing each other. The loofah ffelt like sex on the bottom of my feet. It was like teeth renching stuff I swear it was like an orgasm (I have a foot thing it really makes me hot when people mess with my feet, I figured this out on an escort call when dude had a foot fetish and paid me $400 to let him suck on my toes) Peaches poked fun at that fact alot and said she could get me to sleep with her just by sucking on her toes.

I felt wet even in the water. We finished up our bath. Everyone got out but me. I just sat there, I was fucked up. The lights were out and the candles were burning. I got out and lit a ciggarette. I sat in my robe on the little stool we have in there. The tile was cold...I was mesmerized by the lines and checkers on the floor. I got up and blew the shit out turned the lights on and began my makeup. paches and kenzy followed suit. They suprised me when I went out to the kitchen still in my robe and snapped a picture of me. I had peaches pull my hair up in 2 pony tails, Unfortunitly We ended up playing w/ my hair for like 15 min. She was rubbing it and massagiging it. It felt like heaven. When My hair was done, I did kenzy's and kenzy did peaches. after I was done doing peaches hair. We al got up and got dressed. Thongs....where are my thongs!! They were all dirty.....damnit...I decided to wear none.I cranked up my techno. I put on the little top w/ the tie and the pull away skirt w/ my white knee high stockings and my silver and clear stillettos. I went out to the livingroom to see what everyone else was doing...I should have guessed Cocaine....

I went over to our kitchen table They had some lines cut out. We devoured 3 a piece and decided to pop our next roll. It was now like 8 pm. Perfect timing baby! Club time! I sprayed my candies on and we were ready. I grabbed the weed the last to hits of E, some coke and the keys. We walked out the door locked it and procedded down the stairs. We caught a reflection in the glass door of ourselves. We looked really good. Out of the orinary, but hey fuck it we were on druggggsssss. I decided to drive. Peaches sat in the front w/ me and carnked up our system. We headed to the "Zone" in columbus we were driving down the road jamming, having the best time of our lives when bam....cop....I swear to god I get pulled over 3 times a month..... The cop came up to the car. "Hello ladies..."He smiled. "Hello officer....What seems to be the problem?" he looked in the car and saw the three of us. "Where you girls going tonight all dressed up?" "Well, I'm not going to church! " He laughed "I was like no, were going to the Zone in columbus. what were we doing wrong?" Oh nothing but your taillight is out." "Really?" I said. "Why dont you lady's step out and look at it I'll check and see if I have an extra light bulb in the car.

He opened my door and helped me out...I was very fucked up and in 5 inch heels. the officer didn't mind at all. He knew what was up. I mean I had a fucking pacifier around my neck all bit to hell w/ pupils the size of silver dollars. The officer went to his car and we stood in the back of our car as the traffic of 71 slowed down and drove buy starring . the officer came back and asked me to pop the trunk so he could install the light. I went over and bent down....straight legged and all so the officer could take a peak....The officer obviously did, because he just fixed the light helped us back to the car and gave us some DARE stickers and bumper stickers. I took the dare bumper sticker as we were driving and threw it out of the window. "Oh my god you guy's" I said "We so just almost went to prison...." I laughed " "Who's got a joint people" Peaches said. I thre my blck shinny purse at her and said "Roll a primo!!!" She rolled the joint w/ some problems. Kenzy was amusing her self on the drip w/ the base and the glowsticks she just activated. The base was rattling me through my body. It felt like god was touching me and I was a little pond and little ripples waved over me. I almost shut my eyes...Not!!!! I regained my thoughts and hit the joint. "Dont ash the dubbie people." yeah right I did it first right after I said that. We finished the joint and pulled up to the "ZONE" This wasn't our spot but it was for tonight. "Allright guy's if we get lost make sure your phones are on." It was a packed and we were ready!!! More to come.....


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