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Exstacy and Strippers.....(part 6)

The parking lot was dark. We stepped out of the escort and starightened out our outfits. I checked my reflection in the window...I was fucked up .....We all three linked arms me in the middle and peaches on my left and Kenzy on the right. "we are going to have so much fun!!!!" Kenzy yipped as we walked closer. "You guys got some money?" a drug dealer on the outside said "Cause I got some shit that will blow you away." I said "Oh yeah let me see it." The guy was all like here. and wipped out some bunk E. Can we say ephedrine pills. I took the pill from him and said "Let me see whats the powder looks like. I onlyt fuck w/ white." He was like a little hesitent. I walked over to the hood of his car and took my lighter out. Passed peaches my purse and popped the pill open It was a black and pink gel cap Like the kind you screw the tops off of in side a green gritty substance emerged. I looked t him and was like "FUCK YOU DUDE!!!"

I threw the pill up in air behind me as the green dusty material flowed out. Everyone was laughing at dude because we had drawn some attention. The stilletos made it feel like I was walking on little stepping stones. The cosmic array of lights were peeking through the door as people opened it. It was just more or less an open warehouse. The freakes had come out tonight gothic, punk ,rave, candy kid, and then there was us Schoolgirls. The hoots came shortly after as we made it into the light that was outside. A few guys were like "Naughty Naughty" The girls came up to us saying how cute we looked! We knew they were on e. There was 4 of them they were all cute but they were candy kids for real. We brushed the extras away and continued to the door. We had no problem getting in at all everyone was dancing and break dancing and trying to brake dance. Some people were straight but they were looking for some drugs. The extacy was now corsing through my veins like a venom. Turnig me into some goddess. With my angel and my devil on the right I began the enchanted evening.

"Girls, lets go do some blow." "Hold on I need some water" peaches said. We made our way through the packed smoke filled scene. The lights made the smoke look like clouds The colors were beautiful. The music was heavy....Everything was so beautiful. We went to the bar and ordered 1 of the 3 things that was there (Water in a bottle, water in a cup or OJ.) I ordered 3 OJ's and 3 Waters. It was definitaly hot in the club. They guys looked awsome as usual. We made our way walking through the crowd. A few guy's approached us. But the rest looked scared to talk to us. It was very funny. We made it back to the bathroom as we opened te door the aroma of Weed was ever present. Someone had some good bud. The girls and guys were all in there. ( They all stood around in 2 seperate groups talking and smoking.) We moved to the handicapped stall and Began cutting some lines out on the back of the toilet. I couldn't find my Razor blade so I was in some shit. I resorted to using my ID.

The coke tasted good to me. It made me cough. We di 3 more lines a piece. And decide to smoke a joint w/ the crowd if they would match us. Both groups agreed. so every three people there was a joint. 4 in total. We began chiefing and started doing elevators . Note: An elevator is when you are standing up and you hit the joint as you slowly squat down. Dont blow out and hold it once you get to your position. Hold Hold hold hold hold till you almost pass out. Then you stand up nice and even and exhale as your doing it. Your supose to pass out but i try not to. It just gives you a hell of a rush. We went back out to the party zone a began dancing around. We didn't care. Peaches was all doing the floating thing around. And Kenzy was in atrance like fast beat. I was just standing there staring at the lightsmoving w/ the beat. I cocked my sholders back in forth and moved more and more and more. The extacy had killed everything that I had been worried about in that day . It was fun to be alive.. Go to next reply...


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