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Exstacy and Strippers.....(part 7)

"Amber? Amber is that you?" a voice asked "Yeah?" I said and snapped out it. I turned and in my extacy haze thought it was my grandfather from the old photos I had seen of him when he was 20. "Jack!" I yelled out. I ran and embraced my cousins boyfriend I was signifigantly taller than him w/ my heels on. He was wearing all RHINO. I hadn't seen him since I was like 16 "Oh my god Jack what the fuck are you doing here ?" I had to yell against music since we had moved closer to the speakers.Jack spoke "I'm looking for some little girls!!! Have you seen them?1" I laughed, he gleemed. I knew he was talking about us. "Who's the minors w/ you?" Jack said sarcasticly. "Oh jack thats peaches and Kenzy!" I said and pulled them over before they got molested by the little club kids who had formed a vulcher like circle around the two...theres nothing worse than a stupid PCP fried ass hole...I take that back, a whole club filled w/ them is worse.

Kenzy and peaches made there first impression a lasting one thats for sure. "Who's the new boy toy Amber?" Kenzy said very sultry like as she picked up the pacifer around my neck and bent down to breast leval and took a couple good deep bites. Whap! Peaches nailed her on her ass w/ her hand. "Fuck dumb ass that fucking hurt!" Kenzy replied laughing. "Well.." Jack said as he pulled me closer to him by the waste. "Looks like Amber's all grown up...Does your mom know your down here?" And in a coy manner I took the pacifier in my hand placed it in my mouthe still connected to my neck, pulled it out in a sucking manner and placed it in his mouthe " Now Shhhhh....what mommy doesn't know wont hurt her now will it Jacky?" I knew I would get a rise out of him. Just as I had suspected I felt his hand at the top of my ass moving downward and then upward under the skirt. He was trying. It felt good to be fondled in the middle of a big crowd w/ the base pumping in my face and his hands all over my ass it was awsome.

I pulled away and took my pacifier out of my mouthe. "wanna do a line?" I called to him. "Yeah...and I got somthing for you guy's." He took my left hand and peaches took my right and kenzy was holding onto jacks other arm as we made our way through the club. He spoke as we alked through the bathroom door to the mens. "I've gotta tell you girls, You guy's are smashin tonight.! My dudes and I were making bets to who could get some time from one of you, and shit I knew it was you amber by the outfit.. "Shut up ass hole" I repied as I kenzy dolled out the lines on the counter on the mirror leftt by some club kids. "Oh yeah by the way nice pictures on the internet.....Mighty classy and all!" I glarred at him "Who told????" "I still talk to your aunt... I saw them about 6 weeks ago and I had been meaning to give you a call. You talk to your aunt much?" "Not really since I moved out.

SNiffffffffffffff......"Man that shit is strong....! " Kenzy gasped after her line she stumbled towards the wall and clomped her shoes. Peaches dusted her's away. I let jack go next. they had cut him out a nice fat rail to make up for lost time. He snorted and passed. My pig tails were flying everywhere in the coke. Jack was kind enough to stand behind me and hold my piggy tails for me as I bent over at the waist and did my line. not realizing how messed up I was I just bent over and....Whack! I staright hit my head on the counter no where near the coke even. "Fuck!" I screamed as i threw the straw down and stompted back into the stall. "God-damn cocksucking......fuck!!!!!" All I heard was laughter..I couldn't help but laugh. I walked back out to the Counter and looked in the mirror. It was just red. No bump..thank god. Kenzy allready ha the foundation and powder out before I could evn think staright. I said "Fuck that I want some coke!!!!" I bent down and di my line and told them to cut three more. As kenzy and Peaches argueed over who got to cut the shit Jack came over and pulled outhis ciggartette pack opened it gave me a cigg and Peaches and kenzy one and lit each one for us.

He then pulled out a little piece of foil folded over a couple times. He carfully unfolded the shiny pretty glass looking...I Knew I was rrolling my nuts off because I was attracted to the foil wayyyyy to much. Inside where little itty bitty square pieces of paper 7 to be exact. He picked one up with his Swiss army knife tweazers..or roach clips whatever you wanna call them and moved towards me with it and said "Open your mouth and suck on this. I followed his instructions. It was some blotter...Oh yeah uncle CID as in ACID was in townnnnn.......He gave the girls the's hit and said. "Hold on you guy's cause This is the shit that killed elvis...."


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