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Exstacy and Strippers.....(part 8)

I looked at him and said "If I had a dollar for everytime a sorry mother fucker said that to me I'de be fucking dead, cause I would have Over dosed from all the fucking drugs I bought the money...." He laughed and placed his arms around my waist and pulled me close and softly said in a cocky voice. "Thats why I like you Amber....Your such a bitch....."With that he pushed me gently away from him. I did a dramatic stumble as Peaches and kenzy laced our ciggarettes w/ weed. I had to smoke Camel Menthols when I rolled because I like the feeling of it... As they laced the ciggartees I lit a Capri 120 and stared at Jack. I casualy leaned against the counter and cocked my head to the left..."Whatcha gonna do about it Jacky.....?" I sneered and laughed..."Gonna call my mom????" He smiled and strolled over to me "Nope amber, I'm not that type of guy..." With that he took the capri out of my mouthe as I was hitting it and threw it on the floor..."Smoking's bad for you..." With this he thrust a blow pop in his mouth that he had been conceling behind his back.

I turned around and bent over the mirror checking my fake lashes to make sure they were on okay. Making sure to stick my pantiless ass out. Jack leaned over the mirror "There now, thats how I really like you amber" Jack said "With somthing in your mouth Thats hard and tasty....very sexy Hon ...very in..." With that he pivoted and turned , slapped me on my ass and walked out the batroom. "God Amber, hang out with White trash much?" peaches said. We all laughed...(I really liked Jack too! It's just a game I have to remind myself.) "Here, where's a lighter? I wanna smoke my Cigg..." Peaches pulled out the MARINE CORP Zippo that was a gift from a client in NC. and lit the cigg. The taste was excelent. Zippo's Taste and E are awsome...We began talking and totaly forgot about the fact that we had taken Acid..."Amber...do you feel funny?" I was like "anxious I guess...but the E is kicking my ass......" Kenzy was sitting on the counter chuging OJ "Hey kenzy's got the Idea..I turned to the counter and grabbed the Oj. Pop! The cap ment freshness. I drank quickly and realized I was so thirsty...... "Alright lets go mingle w/ people be sociable." I Hugged peaches and kenzy, hugs are awsome.

We walked back out of the batroom and noticed that the club was almost empty...The DJ was playing to about 25 people."Lets get out of here you guy's" Peaches whispered to Kenzy and I. "For real dudes 5-0...5-0..." I said under my breath. We decided to loose the ciggarettes and go back into the bathroom real quick. "FUCK!!!....." I knew what was up the second we walk out the door we are so getting searched. We missed the Inital round up the cops had done..."Okay here's whats up the cops are probly gonna fuck with us because of our look..Dont sweat it I guess...Lets just hide our shit." Peaches took the purse off her sholder...opened it and pulled out six, twenty sacks of Cocaine and about 14 grams of weed papers a bowl and 3 new needles. "We can loose the needles, but what about this shit? she fumbled w/ the cocaine, time was running out. We heard the music stop.. "Fuck !!!!" I yelled in a quiet voice. "Stuff your shit in your panties dumb ass! " Kenzy squelled! peaches quicky hoisted up her skirt and placed the weed and coke in the front of her panties. she flatened it ...I felt so nervous my heart was racing, I flt lke I was having an Anxity attack...The acid....was it the acid? Was I having a heart attack???No time to think..."Wait you guy's lets go through the window...." I yelled. "What amber, are you crazy?" kenzy yelled back. "Good point it's not me it's the acid." We hurried to the door and slowly opened it.

The lights were on. No black lights....The place had about 5 people remaining who hurried to us. "Hey, what the fuck is happening? " I said. "Fucking Pig's are looking for some dudes who run drugs through here. "Really, what kind? " "Just party drugs E ,K , Acid you know." Okay whew..not us!!! "So are the cops out there?" I asked. "Yeah, they've been here for like 2 hours, they had people in the club the whole time. Under cover shit I guess...Someones going to prison tonight......" With that we turned and walked out. We knew we were safe because we made no buy's in the club or any exchange of anything....We were free to walk out.... One of the DJ's was still packing up his stuff. He was from Cinci , I had heard him play before. "Hey can we help you carry those?" As I pointed to the Vinyls in the crates..."Yeah sure" he smilled and walked over towards us..."You guy's party?" "Yeah!" peaches said as she lit us some ciggarettes. "Cool, you wanna go to an after party? Well actualy I guess it's the party...Dont worry they wont fuck with you, no Candy Kids will be there...You guy's got a ride? Can you follow me?" " "yeah not a problem" I said and picked up the crate . We Pushed the door open and to our suprise Saw only a few cars out there...No cops...."Hey you guy's we rode out the storm long enough I guess!"

"Thank god" Kenzy said. "What are you driving ?" peaches said. "I got the Van..." We walked over to the big MARK van. It was tight. It was clean and very Posh. In the back he had us place the crates. The color was a deep marron. "My names Avron, You guy's okay?" "Yeah were fine we took some Acid and E. were pretty fucked up..."I giiggled. "Here, why dont I drive all of us, I was gonna swing by and pick up some more people if thats okay with you guy's?" "Yeah, that's straight, because we are way to fucked up to drive.." We all sputered in different forms....I knew the acid was fucking with me because I was watching my hand as I stepped into the van w/ the help of our firend Avron I began to laugh uncontrolibaly. I sat in the first seat and laughed and laughed as did peaches and Kenzy and Avron. I knew the Acid was hitting them because kenzy and peaches kept blinking and moving there hands in front of there faces . I moved up front and everyone got a quick flash of my shit. Avron hopped into the van and I checked him out. He was really cute. He was six foot two with dark black hair and a great tan. He had earings that were post. they were like 10's. The clothes I dont really remember. He turned on some Harcore Techno and began driving...I turned around to check and make sure Kenzy and Peaches were in the van. They were smoking ciggarettes giving light shows with them. "Bitches give me a cigg!!......peaches!!!!....Peaches!!!!!" "What?" She yelled back "Give me a ciggarette!!!!" I yelled to her.

At this point I had turned completly around in my seat and my ass was now in the air i n the front seat. I climbed through the craw space and sat down in between the middle of the two girls. Peaches passed me a ciggarette. And I smoked away. The acid had made feel funny...I laid back on the back of the floor and smoked my ciggarette....Tonight was about to be a really weird night I thought...


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