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Exstacy and Strippers.....(part 9)

The Music was playing so loud I thought...puff puff...It sounded so warped like it was bouncing off the inside of my skull...."Feel the heat come out I'm cold , Your arms touching me...." I sang out loud with the music. Puff puff...."Hey anyone got some glowsticks?????" I asked. AVron grabbed my ankle and pulled me closer to the front. He said "Get up here...I wanna tak to you...I sat up and wushhhh......I had the biggest Brain exsposion, It made me laugh so hard...Kenzy and peaches had been laughing for awhile to. I ended up crawling back up front...the acid was fucking with everyting in my body ....I made it to the front seat, put the arm rest up and slid into the seat. My Nylons were coming down. I took off my heels and my nylons at Avron watched very intensly. My legs were warm...I snuggled into the seat and put my feet up near the windshield.

Their was a cool brush of air against the back of my legs. I looked over at Avron and saw him rolling a joint and steering with his knees. "By the way Avron, my name is Amber!" "Well, I kinda heard everyone calling you that, I know your cousin Jack.." He dipped out when some people were coming in asking who they could get some "Drugs" form in here. He said to ask you if you guy's had any plans for the rest of the night..." Peaches wa leaning up front and was like "Yeah Amber good Idea lets go through the window!!!" We all began to laugh. "So you guy's do anything else beside party favors?" Avron asked peaches. 'Yeah we do everything...well minus Crack!" "Yeah, I never really had a taste for that shit except when I was studying for tests and shit. It really helps you remember shit." AVron replied. "So amber you got a light?' As he flashed the doobie around. Peaches picked up the bic lighter in the consol and passed it to him. he lit the fat 2 paper joint and hit it and passed it to me. It was some really green weed it tasted like candy. I began hitting it and I saw the cherry getting red as I hit it, but I couldn't feel it....Oh yeah, the acid.

I passed it to Peaches. I turned back around and looked out the window. "Where the hell are we?" I asked. The land scape was dark and very country looking. "Were in Delaware Princess, were almost to Dave's house, and then we'll go to the party. The joint came around to Avron again and then ssed it to me. HE leaned over me and opened the glove compartment and pulled out 8 packs of glowssticks and threw 2 in the back and some how hit kenzy in the face.. she yelped and pushed Peaches out of the way and jumped into my lap. She had her 2 glowsticks and opened the pack and broke the crystals inside. One was Green and one was yellow. They were beautiful...So bright and they were getting brighter. Kenzy was like "Dude check this shit out..Can I steal her for like 5 seconds Avron?" "Yeah Kenzy no problem where are you guy's going You cant go to far! "Just to the back." "Okay no problem" Kenzy grabbed my hand and pulled me to the back. Peaches went and sat up front w/ avron and kept him Compay. I went to the very back and sat on the only bench seat. I sat directly in the middle. Kenzy sat on her knee;s in front of me and asked avron for his remote to his stereo...

I pulled up the blinds slightly w/ a little crack of the outside showind and leaned down and looked out the window.Everything was rushing by....I pulled the blind down and turned back around. Kenzy was figuring the remote out and finally got it. She chanded it to a really cool song...I cant remeber what it was.....Avron turned the inside lights off and Kenzy began her light show. The Sticks began to become the music, she turned them nd tisted them in a mannor that made it look like it was all connected..The tracers were no longer tracers, they were all thick looking lines that made spirals and figure Eights..The colors were now different they were red and green and blue. They were so beautiful....I watched in amazmnt as everything began to warp.....The Acid had gripped my brain...I began to laugh so hard at the sight and closed my eyes because It was to intense. I began sweating and felt so weird. My body was weightless....I was floating...I opened my eyes and thought I was ridding on the roof, I was flying, it was awsome. There were fire fly's and they were just flying by like a cosmic rush. I was so blown away by the apperence when i heard Avron saying "Amber.....AMber......amber.....Were here come on I want you to meet Dave and a few of my frineds.

Peaches and kenzy were staring at me. I felt like I was sleepy, "I need a line you guy's...Or a few....Peaches was like here, she sat down beside me and pulled out our little purple hitter She filled it up and I placed it to my nostril. sniffffff. I cocked the shaker again and took another hit in the other nostril. I took another hit and passed it to Avron. He hit it twice and passed it to kenzy I felt better. Peaches took her hit and we got out of the van. I felt good...We walked up to his friends house and went inside. It was dark inside, and I looked around. "Yo!!! Dave!!! Where are you man??" I began getting nervous because we were in a strange house in BFE. I huddled with Kenzy and peaches, It was cold inside the house...Central Air. Avron walked through the house and told us to follow him we walked through the house it was nice, but our shoes were loud on the wood floor. It had beautiful furniture...Leather, my type. We could hear music as we walked closer to the basement. We opened the door to the basement and a thick cloud of smoke rushed us...It smelled like weed and somthing else...Incense???

The acid now just made me feel like I wasn't walking. Avron stopped and turned around and squated down he said "Amber hop on!" I followed his instructions and placed my legs around him in a manner so that he could lift me onto his back when he stood up. He some how managed to hoist me onto his back. Avron began walking down the stairs in a qucik manner "Bam bam bam bam bam.... " We made it to the bottom to revel 3 guy's in the basement smoking a blunt and doing lines of cocaine from a large pile of it sitting in front of them. "Avron, my man...who do we have here? " as he stood up and introduced Himself as Dallas. " You guy's want some coke?" he poineted to us and said...


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