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Eating Magic Mushrooms

There are two ways to take the Magic mushrooms. The first method is the most common one, eating them. The second method is to put the mushroom in a capsule.

Eat the magic mushrooms on an empty stomach (at least 3-6 hours after eating) in a quiet environment. Chewing it well slowly improves the effect and saves your stomach. To get the most out of the magic mushroom you just eat them raw, however you will probably not like the taste of it. So below we have some suggestions, or check out our recipes with magic mushrooms:

* Add the magic mushrooms to an omelette or scrambled eggs
* Eat the magic mushrooms on a slice of toasted French bread
* Top home made pizzas with magic mushrooms
* Place magic mushrooms on top of a cooked chicken
* Put the magic mushroom in a cup of soup
* Stuff a pita bread with an assortment of sautéed vegetables and magic mushrooms

soup with magic mushrooms      bread woth magic mushrooms         pizza with magic mushrooms               

Another great way to take magic mushrooms is to make capsules.

Grind the mushrooms "cracker-dry" with a coffee grinder or mortar and pestle. Take all the dust and use it to fill blank gel capsules. Blank gel caps can be purchased at health stores with an extensive stock. The gel caps hold exactly 0.5 grams of dust, thus giving you a benchmark of how much you are ingesting. The gel caps are also instantaneously dissolved by your gastric juice and what's left inside the caps is digested even quicker than chewed mushrooms because it has already been decomposed. Another advantage: no nasty mushroom taste.





capsule magic mushrooms

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