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Rolling a joint by hand

What you need:

- Rolling papers (preferably the bigger size)
- Tobacco
- Weed or Hash
- Tip (roach or mouth piece)

- First roll the piece of thick paper (about 1x6cm) into a tight mouth-piece.
- Roll out the cigarette-paper, glue-side up and away from you.
- Spread crumbled weed on the rolling paper.
- Spread the tobacco evenly on the paper.
- Remove any lumps or 'woody' bits and mix it well.
- Lay the mouth-piece on one side.
- Pick up the paper gently with both hands and start shaping the content.
- Start in the middle, rolling outwards. Let your thumbs do most of the work.
- Give support and pressure with your forefingers.
- You should start to feel the mix firming inside the paper.
- Wrap the excess paper around the joint.
- Use the mouth-piece to get grip, roll the paper into itself around the mouthpiece.
- Lick the paper and "glue" it together.
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