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Mushroom Experiences

Beneath are the mushroom experiences send in by visitors before we had aforums.

Mushroom experiences

A first mushroom trip
Alone in a blue ridge
Everything is fluorescent
Playing god
Sounds were comin from everywere! Send in an Xperience and also win our Goodies package 04-07-2002
I was sittin upside down on the fuckin ceiling 04-07-2002
Speaking to my companions the gnomes Send in an Xperience and also win our Goodies package 01-08-02
My milk shake was spinning 02-08-2002
My roof was going to kill me 12-08-2002
There were so many colours 15-08-2002
I was living in the 70s 27-08-2002
Hair was waving by itself 29-08-2002
Purple ants crawling 08-09-2002
Cars flying by on the nearby highway 18-09-2002
This little yellow man forms from the floor 18-09-2002
It felt as though I was looking into eternity 26-09-2002
In aw of the huge neon letters 26-09-2002
He tought he was a potato 26-09-2002
A Rabbit 5 FT tall was made of neon lighting 05-10-2002
Little purple elves running around 05-10-2002
Analyze peoples personalities 05-10-2002
Alice in Wonderland 05-10-2002
Giggle-fest with Amber and Nicole 13-10-2002
Never call your parents 13-10-2002
Watching little green men dance 26-10-2002
Everything was glowing green 26-10-2002
My mates dog started talkin 26-10-2002
Monkey thing started poppin out 26-10-2002
We must be on the moon or something 26-10-2002
I was laying in pine trees and talking with ghosts 3-11-2002
They don't have railings on their canals 23-11-2002
She droped down and gave me head 23-11-2002
Trippin in the park 65 & Yellow 23-11-2002
A bad trip 23-11-2002
Don`t look in the mirror when your trippin 23-11-2002
Sean was standing an inch from a tree yelling Send in an Xperience and also win our Goodies package
I thought there were minature 1 inch monkeys 23-11-2002
Peter Pan was flying around in circles 23-11-2002
Clown dolls jumped up and grabbed my neck 1-12-2002
Two girls and one lucky Guy 1-12-2002
I got the sudden impulse to try and run through the portal
I saw the world through the eyes of the enlightened 28-12-2002
I woke up in the woods 05-01-2002
I saw faces in the trees 05-01-2002
I saw frogs hopping all over the floor 06-01-2002
Watching the little green mountain climber 18-01-2002
I have never been in such a happy/relaxing mood 26-01-2002
I felt like i was an angel 01-02-2002
The paper was all sticking his dick into the filter 01-02-2002
My buddy saw a field of scarcrows 01-02-2002
I thought i felt like jesus 01-02-2002
I was back to reality sitting on the floor of a bloody jail 15-02
All of a sudden all the trees were talkin to me 15-02-2002

Since the begin of 2003 we use theforumsfor all the Xperiences.

Information on this site may not be scientifically accurate, rather out of personal experiences. disclaimer