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The Crazy Christmas Contest Winners

Here are the Winners of the Contest, the winners will receive an email this week, please don`t email me, just wait for the email.

1 Lsd: life sober death Tical
2 Acid trippin Sublime
3 Reflections on shrooming Wistira
4 Cocaine, Crystal and Cannabis... Natural
5 kitch Summer journal 1-4 Kitchkinet
6 Salvia 2 salvia videos Salvia head
7 A hard nights trip Lipkin
8 Wiggin for a month kerrst
9 The first truly messed up experience Rejecterhome
10 Mushroom tripping Marimush
11 The night that dxm kicked my ass Smokah
12 Jesus on a motor bike Weebl
13 Ecstasy- self actualization Tikhal
14 The swirly dxm trip Cookie
15 Hitler, me and my first E Mind my mind man
16 Being scanned by the T.V Chadwickyweed
17 Smoking with first timer Tokin d
18 15 in a 35! who is behind me Empty
19 Bennadryl hell Pie77
20 Shrooming in school- got booked KANNIBIS STUD
21 Salvia destroying the world Zukyiruzi
22 Another Layer of Deviance Vivahst
23 Kegs blunts and bongs Budlightman
24 First time on E's, buzzing on a ... Phantom Speaker
25 Hall of doom Music
26 Being caught AcidAJ4207
27 Fried Pancacke Bud Suprise 4Toke2Up0
28 The Accidental Candyflip TheSanityAssassin
29 My awsome trip Warren
30 Epic ? Murmlicious
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