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Marijuana Experiences

Beneath are the marijuana experiences send in by visitors before we had aforums.

Marijuana experiences

Cannabis first timer
A strong one
Medical experiences
The weed had got me 02-07-2002
I felt like i was lifting 17-07-2002
Always use a pipe 24-07-2002
Staring competition with the gate 26-07-2002
Woke up wid some naked women 27-07-2002
Just this morning 30-07-2002
Giant rain drops 09-08-2002
His hand was like climbing up my leg 12-08-2002
I saw alot of fuckin trees 22-08-2002
Where are we going? 24-08-2002
Watching curling when you're high 25-08-2002
First time high... Send in an Xperience and also win our Goodies package 26-08-2002
Video tape us getting stoned 29-08-2002
We weren't on a path at all 09-09-2002
Chillin by the pool 11-09-2002
My mouth would start to flap without my control 11-09-2002
Make a bong 13-09-2002
Mom could be home any minute 14-09-2002
How stoned we could get 16-09-2002
I couldn't remember my moms name 17-09-2002
Quicky rolling it up in ma machine roller 18-09-2002
Who could out smoke the other 19-09-2002
Police helicopter shines it's fucking light directly on my car
We stopped at a planet and went inside 24-09-2002
Trying to kill the Leprechauns 24-09-2002
The ladies mouth was moving but i couldn't understand her

Fireworks landed on his foot 26-09-2002
You flicked my cigarette into my macaroni 27-09-2002
Asses hanging out of my truck 05-10-2002
Can't even trust your best friend 13-10-2002
Hugged every tree in the street 13-10-2002
Were in Vietnam 13-10-2002
Friends face looked like a metalic color 13-10-2002
Porn on his coffee table 13-10-2002
She was hot as hell 13-10-2002
He was preparing to jump 13-10-2002
Trying to get up Send in an Xperience and also win our Goodies package 13-10-2002
I'm going to kill you 13-10-2002
Hugged every tree 26-10-2002
There's a man 26-10-2002
Looking at trees 26-10-2002
My friend taking the ex-lax 26-10-2002
My first Mary Jane experience 26-10-2002
A camping trip 3-11-2002
his sign says drugs for sale!!! 3-11-2002
Ate about 50 chocolate bars 3-11-2002
Why is there dirt in my mouth 3-11-2002
Trick-or-treating as a condom 23-11-2002
Sinking down into the ground 23-11-2002
I saw jesus 23-11-2002
Then i realized that i was whacking off in my bathtub 23-11-2002
My hand was in a bunch of spider webs 23-11-2002
Looking at the winshield wipers 23-11-2002
We found every little thing funny 23-11-2002
I decide to crash in front of my altar and mediate 23-11-2002
Sudden his mom comes up 23-11-2002
President Bush standing over me with a huge machine gun
Old grandmother got high by mistake 1-12-2002
I was scared while I was having fun 1-12-2002
Determined to get a sack 1-12-2002
I swore i could hear water and dolphins in my backyard
The worst trip i have ever had 1-12-2002
I heard the word cop 1-12-2002
I kicked my mom 1-12-2002
It cost me my marriage but it was worth it 1-12-2002
My first time 1-12-2002
Freakin' vermont man 1-12-2002
Passin the bowl around 8-12-2002
A lightning bug committed suicide 8-12-2002
I started peeing 8-12-2002
Shania Twain video 8-12-2002
My mom knocked on the door 8-12-2002
Its friday lets get fucked up 8-12-2002
As I began to smoke, all of the cats stopped Send in an Xperience and also win our Goodies package
I showed him my boobs 8-12-2002
First time to smoke this much 8-12-2002
I am now scared for life 8-12-2002
The rubic's cube 21-12-2002
I felt her ram my ass with a dildo 21-12-2002
What are you doing in here 21-12-2002
Mom and Dad are both in alcholics 28-12-2002
My first couple of times smokin weed 28-12-2002
We smoked before we went into school 28-12-2002
I didn't remember what i did like 5 seconds ago 03-01-2003
The ground was switching levels 03-01-2003
The Ice Cream Man 03-01-2003
I woke up and had bullshit drawn all over me 03-01-2003
Just floating in nothing 03-01-2003
I puked soo much it plugged my sink 03-01-2003
We all formed into astronauts 03-01-2003
Coughed like a punk for about 20 mins 03-01-2003
The sleeping guy starts to eat up the filter 03-01-2003
Going to school early because we would smoke 03-01-2003
Countdown a British daytime tv gameshow 11-01-2003
Everything was flashing a light green color 11-01-2003
We decided to do shotguns 11-01-2003
Bst out laughing again cuz we couldnt remember again 11-01
I just like got sucked into a whole different area 11-01-2003
Then I hear police cars rushing 11-01-2003
WHERE THE F*CK IS *flee?* 18-01-2003
Everything I saw was like in slow motion 18-01-2003
Don`t use an oxygen tank as a bong 18-01-2003
White crystallized substance over the buds 18-01-2003
I woke up and my parents were there 18-01-2003
I looked high as a kite 18-01-2003
Everything looked way more well defined and coulerfull 18-01
We smoked a big fat bong, and then they had sex 18-01-2003
My friends and i went to the movies 18-01-2003
Shopping when blazed 18-01-2003
A police siren started flashing 18-01-2003
I really saw an Alien spaceship 26-01-2003
The macaroni looked weird and deformed 26-01-2003
I also looked at a toilet while it was flushing 26-01-2003
The most peaceful experience 26-01-2003
I dreamt of the old gods, and the sudering of the world 26-01
a black cloud came in front off my eyes and i fell off the chair 26-01
Sudden I see a hand try and grab my foot 26-01-2003
I got the idea to give the puppy a blow in his nose 26-01-2003
I `m not stoned im just laughing at the man tht keeps fallin
The trees were out 2 get me 01-02-2003
I turn around and there is...... 01-02-2003
Life is better as a hobbit 01-02-2003
The elevator method 08-02-2003
I swear this huge cactus was chasing me 08-02-2003
He immediately got up and booked it through the forest 08-02
Acting like a fool, hopping all around like an idiot 08-02-2003
Super paranoid and super cold and it was 40 degrees 08-02
My dad is a stoner, so basically im a naturally born stoner
I kept opening and shutting the fridge 08-02-2003
Felt like it was falling through the bed 08-02-2003
Signin 08-02-2003
They were still rappin for what seemed like 2 hors 15-02-2003
Watching this spanish movie 15-02-2003
I could have sworn that i saw bears hiding in the trees 15-02
The first time i ever went to amsterdam 15-02-2003
It was the best thing i ever felt in the whole world 15-02-2003
I smoked the weed my dog started snapping at me 15-02-2003
I became fascinated with the word "Sombrero." Send in an Xperience and also win our Goodies package
Shittin and smokin does not mix 15-02-2003

Since the begin of 2003 we use theforumsfor all the experiences.

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