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Beneath are the experiences send in by visitors before we had aforums.


Overdose of caffeine
Freud on cocaine
3 sweet tarts of acid - I saw fireworks & bright colors floating around.
Substances: Acid
My brain started to melt - But then Quasi moto brings out these glasses
Substances: Acid, Weed
I was instantly turned into a fish 01-09-2002
Substances: Weed, Whippits(NO2 - nitrous oxide), Alcohol
15 cops rush in guns out 13-09-2002
Substances: Acid
My parents want me to see a shrink 13-10-2002
Substances: Angel dust, Weed
The Black Ball 21-10-2002
Substances: LSD
Smoking peanut skins 26-10-2002
Substances: Peanut skins
I just snuck a pill from my moms prozac 3-11-2002
Substances: Prozac
Invision a swarm of bees surrounding my face 3-11-2002
Substances: Vicatin, Mushrooms, Cannabis and all kinds of alcohol
Dinner with my girlfriend 1-12-2002
Substances: LSD, Cannabis, Hashish, Nicotine, Caffeine
Kept reaching for a dog that wasn't even there 1-12-2002
Enjoying the vibe 8-12-2002
Substances: Coke, Heroin, Power Peaches
20 Guys on LSD in Belgium 8-12-2002
Substances: LSD
Just Flying 16-12-2002
Substances: Salvia
Fear and loathing in las vegas 28-12-2002
Substances: Acid
I did notice that I kept forgetting to breathe 28-12-2002
Substances: Codeine and marijuana
Then a hexagonal tunnel appeared 05-01-2002
Substances: Salvia
A smurf jumps out of the tv n walks over to the door 05-01-2002
Substances: Acid
Got some tomato sauce and stuck on my nose 05-01-2002
Substances: Speed,e's,weed,and alchole
My friend had passed out under a giant strawberry 11-01-2002
Substances: Nitrous Oxide
Every thought i had was countered by a different one 11-01-2002
Substances: Cocaine and Heroin
See god the devil,an even dead people 11-01-2003
Substances: PHP
I threw up 3 times 01-02-2003
Substances: Triple C
Having absolutely ridiculous, open ended discussions 01-02
Substances: Dextomethorphan Hydrobromide
All we had was sleeping bags and some weed 01-02-2003
Substances: Marijuana and LSD
He then handed me 2 little red corciden pills 15-02-2003
Substances: Marijuana and Corciden pills
It took about 10 minutes for me to open the door 15-02-2003
Substances: Acid

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